back to article ALL US pro basketball to be played by topless strippers

A former NBA superstar was been tugged in by a bunch of hoop-shooting strippers as their head coach ahead of the launch of a basketball league comprised entirely of topless dancers. The 23-strong Rick's Cabaret International chain of "upscale adult night clubs" set up its league after spotting a hole in the market – due to an …


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  1. Medium Dave

    Finally - A sport I can give my firm support to.

    I feel my spirit lifting. (That's what I call it. Like NASAs spirit, it roves, probes, and lasts longer than expected. And sadly hasn't responded since March 2010.)

  2. Heironymous Coward


    "..ball-handling skills, as well as both shooting and dribbling.. "

    I suspect some of the audience will also be dribbling at some point, if not downright drooling. A 'select' few may even be ball-handling and shooting. Make sure you get a top-row seat...

    Yeah, the mac..

  3. KevinLewis

    If they are going to be playing in heels they will surely be rubbish at dribbling, unlike everyone else at the venue and watching from home...

  4. proto-robbie

    ...Businessmen and professionals...


  5. b166er

    ...Businessmen and professionals...

    Mutually Exclusive.

  6. Old Handle

    Good Thinking

    I'm a firm believer that everything is better with naked women.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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