back to article Nokia promises not one but two Lumia 800 power fix patches

Nokia has pledged to release a software update early next month that will begin to fix the rapidly depleting battery woes some Lumia 800 owners have experienced. In a Nokia support forum posting made today, the company said: "A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second …


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  1. Mark Jan

    And so it starts... Nokia once the mobile phone paragon of battery life and power efficiency reduced to reliance on MS for patches.

    1. Ru

      You assume this is an MS issue

      It could easily be an issue with Nokia's own drivers, services or configuration stuff.

      I don't recall their smartphone range ever managing particularly exciting uptimes... the S60 E-series just about managed it, but only just... and they tended to be bulkier and siginificantly more expensive than their consumer-oriented counterparts. The Lumia is certainly one of those.

      1. Ilgaz

        4 days

        N8 reported to run 4 days with ordinary usage.

    2. Insane Reindeer

      Not so fast...

      I don't see HTC notifying customers of a forth coming battery boost. I think you will find that this is Nokia tweaking the hardware to software interface of their own phones at such a low level as to leave the main Microsoft provided layer, the one HTC will have, well enough alone.

      1. Lance 3

        The requirements for WP7 are set by Microsoft. That is not much tweaking that can be done. You need to use a certain size screen with a set resolution, you have your choice of three processors to use, etc. Not much tweaking to be done.

    3. Ilgaz

      another thing

      Why do they promise things? Didn't they give up worlds lowest overhead kernel to outsource things to Microsoft?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    The "oh so perfect" WP7 that a particular regtard is so enamoured of is eating battery like crazy? And the same happens on the last jesusphone? Poor fanbois and softies, now their trolling anti-android arsenal has been reduced to the very much fictional "android lags" line. :D

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      What's that you were saying?

      Sorry my phone muted itself.

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.1

    2. Giles Jones Gold badge

      I'm guessing you didn't see this then?

      All phones have bugs.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Nokia care representatives

    Can we ask Elop directly to service the Lumias?

  4. Tezfair
    Thumb Down

    1 day old and 2 updates

    Got to be Windows.

    I had the 800 yesterday and I hate the OS. 500 features? more like 500 other things removed from 6.5.

    Guess my lads getting a new mobile, im going back to my HD2.

    No tethering

    No remote desktop

    No simple way to get to the outlook subfolders

    Constantly flickering tiles (not wonder the batteries flat its always jiggling the screen)

    The list goes on

    still, when its turned off it look nice

    1. Fuzz

      Where's your troll icon?

      "No tethering"

      I don't know why Nokia have chosen not to include tethering, my HTC mozart received an update last week that included it, wifi hotspot for 5 users, works really well.

      "No remote desktop"

      There are at least two native RD apps in the marketplace, both of which are far superior to the built in client in 6.5. Like all phone RD apps they are essentially useless on such a small screen.

      "No simple way to get to the outlook subfolders"

      From the email screen, hit folders then subfolders and the list appears, you can choose to sync a folder with your phone, you can even choose to pin the folder as a tile on the start screen so one click takes you straight there and the tile shows the number of new messages in that folder.

      "Constantly flickering tiles (not wonder the batteries flat its always jiggling the screen)"

      You do realise the tiles only animate whilst you're looking at them, they don't do it for their own amusement in the background whilst you're doing something else or the phone is in your pocket.

    2. kris5579
      Thumb Down

      it does have tethering! Plus, tethering on the iPhone requires operator "permission" where they charge you loads more. buy hey, that's slightly off-topic.

      it does have remote desktop.

      Constantly changing tiles - well what about your constantly dull icons? iPhone/Android (which I'm going to call iAndone because I'm cool and set trends) has the kind of start screen I remember from Windows 3.1.

      Why would you want Outlook folders? I don't know what they are and i don't think anybody else knows or for that matter cares. Flebbing el. Kinnamortis.

      much love, with your totally-fragmented-market-place iAndone.

  5. Richard Plinston

    Apple will sue them for copying the iPhone 4S

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Too late

      Nokia already sued Apple over that, remember?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hasn't Mango been out for ages now?

    No other manufacturer is reporting similar problems, so is this Nokia demonstrating how it can "innovate" and "differentiate" on WP7, by screwing up a working system on the only hardware platform the software supports? Impressive!

  7. Jonathan Cohen

    Bugs in a Nokia?

    Actually, I've always found Nokia phones ridiculously buggy. To list the last few I've had:

    N95 - Took about 2 years of updates after release before it was really stable.

    E71 - Mail for Exchange (it's main selling point) could never be relied on to sync properly.

    N97 - This phone was just broken by design in every respect. Even setting ring tones didn't work.

    E5 - Random freezing when answering calls yet the other party can still hear you swearing at the phone!

    Note that I only bought the E5 last year because of it's HD Voice support and really did hold off buying an iPhone as long as I could. However now, Nokia... never ever again.

    I'll take a phone that just works (even if it has major features such as SMS delivery reports and HD voice missing) over anything from a company that spews out unusable tick box feature phones but can't solve basic issues (let alone have any concept of usability) two years after release on all their flagship products. Not to mention having to change product codes and generally waste time like this just to get any updates or support at all! I suspect adding MS as a third party really will make this even worse for Nokia.

    1. MacroRodent

      But the Nokia:s stabilize eventually

      Re: "N97 - This phone was just broken by design in every respect. Even setting ring tones didn't work."

      I have the N97 mini, the slightly modified version (bough second-hand), and guess what? I'm very happy with it. One of the most useful items I own. Software updates have solved the earlier bugs and stability problems, at least I have not encountered many (sometimes there is "out of memory", but then the phone has usually been continuously on for over a week).

      As I see it, the REAL problem is that Nokia (and all other manufacturers as well) are pushed by market pressures to release the phones long before they are ready!

      To work out the final kinks so that the phone performs exactly as it should would require months of massive beta use and fixing, then more testing, and they cannot afford that. The battery problems are a brilliant example: something that a too short testing period does not necessarily detect.

      So if you want a smartphone that actually works, buy it second-hand about a year after it was released (like I did), then apply all available software fixes. Does not matter if it was initially labeled a turkey, it isn't necessarily so after the fixes, and when you buy second-hand, you avoid those individuals with gross manufacturing errors.

      But the phone makers really, really would not like people to behave like this...

  8. Daniel Bower

    At least Nokia acknowledged the issue early and have done something about it quickly...

  9. Daniel Bower

    At least Nokia have acknowledged the issue quickly and have looked at ways of fixing it. Doesn't look like an MS patch as such either, just one that is delivered via Zune...

  10. Jonathan Cohen

    @Daniel Bower

    Nokia did the same with the N97. Acknowledged the faults, promised imminent fix after fix that never worked.... Looks like some things never change. :-(

  11. kris5579


    I love my Lumia! I have an iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S with Android 3 and a HTC Titan (need them for my job, I'm an app dev) and the Lumia is by far the best. The iPhone is just plain dull and the Galaxy S is just an iPhone clone. Lumia has definitely the most unique design and it's waaay better than iPhone or Android. What Android OR iPhone can you search directly from a hardware button on Bing? What other phone can you put your best friends updates on your home screen? What other phone lets you see everything at a glance when you unlock it and even on the lock screen? What other phone is so easy to use that mum can use it. what other phone let's me use it as a remote control for my Xbox? Oh yeah none. You're all just jealous because WP rocks. Take care, much love with your sucky-i-have-to-go-into-an-app-to-find-out-stuff boring Android and iPhone phones. Xx

    1. Jim Coleman
      Thumb Up

      Amen, brother.

      Sent from my HTC Titan's planetoid-sized 4.7" screen of DOOM

    2. zanto

      @ krissy5579

      Well daim girl, but you're turnin me on with all that trollin...

      1. kris5579

        cheers zanto, I'm a man and I'm glad that my post turned you on. That's not odd. Nope. You're normal.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I was holding out for the new WP Nokia, I really was.

    You see I like Nokia's design and hardware and overall reliability and WP's nice fluent UI. I wanted it to win hearts and sell well. Even though I use Android. Not a fanboy, that's me. Very low fidelity and faithfulness on tech stuff.

    Awww Nokia.. Not the battery.. Not you too...

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