back to article Yahoo! Microsoft! merger! back! on! after! NDA! signed!

A merger between Microsoft and Yahoo! could be back on the cards, after Redmond reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement as a prelude to serious talks about their future together. A source close to the deal told the New York Times that Microsoft had signed the pledge, including provisions not to discuss terms with third …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Yahoo! has mismanaged its business so badly the last 8-10 years that 50% of what MS eventually pays will essentially be for the Yahoo! brand....

  2. Charles Manning

    See! I! told! ya!

    I! told! everyone! I! could! to! save! up! their! !!.

    "Don't! just! thow! them! away!.", I! said!. "You're! going! to need! them! again!!".

    But! no!, so! few! listened! and! don't! they! look! foolish! now!!.

    <--- Me! being! smug!

    1. Big O
      Thumb Up

      ok..... its funny again now (!)

  3. Steve Foster

    Post-merger corporate rename? YahooBang *obviously*...

  4. Chris Gray 1


    The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board??? Nooooo! I want there to be some money left in there when I need it!

  5. Goat Jam

    "Internet Legend"

    So, not real then?

  6. James O'Brien

    “Microsoft does not comment on rumors and speculation,” Microsoft told The Register. Yahoo! also told us "We don't comment on rumor or speculation." Make of that what you will.

    Umm armt rumor and speculation Microsofts forte? I mean they tell us that Vista is going to be great and it wasnt. They tell us that their Xbox 360 has no issues, it did. And they tell us that ballmer can run a company, he cant.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To be honest...

    I'd rather have 1 solid and usable search engine besides Google than 2 where both of them work but leave many things to be desired.

    Bing isn't that bad, I use it frequently when I'm messing with Microsoft related stuff. Yahoo isn't that bad either, but not just it.

    I do think both have an (small) advantage over Google today... I really dislike Google's interface that it starts searching the moment I start typing. Very annoying because you get distracted, and when making typo's it takes even more time to correct due to the constant searching.

    Sure; I also do most searches from within the browser itself and don't use the website that much. Doesn't make the Google interface less annoying though.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One search engine for everyone is a flawed ideal. Before google there were plenty of search engines. Now many of these are broken defunct. The point is search engine companies are in business to make money.

    I think yahoo ought to stand on it's own, suck it up and fix their own product back to the good old days where searchers liked searching text. When I search yahoo, it's cause I specifically don't want to search google. Google is a great search engine but it doesn't map the deep web.

    the famous Trondheim engine Altavista Yahoo! Excite Wwworm Magellan Lykos FTP-search Webcrawler Infoseek Hotbot Northernlight Ask Jeeves Alexa Hotbot A 9 Teoma/Ask Fast Wisenut Baidu Gigablast IceRocket Exalead Lycos Looksmart Excite Entireweb Wayback Factbite dmoz Furl dogpile deja news metacrawler

    Every blog also has search. But I notice a lot of blogs search is outsourced where the blog software is so stupid it doesn't even have it's own search. Newspapers and TV tend to do this a lot, it's arrogance, politics, and greed. Blogspot. need I say more? is it apathy, or just stupidity? If all your search engines were condensed into google, then what happens when DHS tells google to filter this political thing X, Y, Z? It's already happening!!

    I don't like the idea of microsoft getting yahoo. I know Microsoft will be happy to media up yahoo with graphics gui's, active x and cruft. They will FIX yahoo's website alright, but at the cost of ruining it even further. If yahoo was smart, they would yank all those pictures and media and crap off their search page, keep it mean and lean and text. Cater to low bandwidth, speed and text in searching. Link to the other services, then they can have their media and photos, and news tickers and all that on sub pages. If Yahoo merges with Microsoft, what will get filtered from the search? Bad stories about microsoft?

    Look at lycos, they aren't dead.

    Oh well the worlds going to hell now, might as well continue to make spectacularly bad decisions,

  9. Jay 2

    Silver Lake Partners eh?

    Expect to see a decrease in Yahoo staff and spending and for certain management to get megabucks whilst everyone else (including any current stock owners) gets screwed.

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