back to article HP firesale wafts TouchPad to top of tablet chart

HP was the top selling tablet vendor in the US - ignoring Apple, of course - through to the end of October, and it's all thanks to the TouchPad firesale. Market watcher NPD yesterday revealed that in the ten months from January to October inclusive, HP accounted for 17 per cent of non-iPad tablet retail sales, a percentage …


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  1. JeffyPooh

    RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook...

    ...has been on (fire)sale recently (starting price $500 -> $300 -> $200). I suspect that they've shifted hundreds of thousands of them, but that's just a guess.

    It's a good little tablet for surfing the Interweb. Mostly an App-free zone, but that's supposed to change with the Android player coming some.

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