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Microsoft announced this week that the Surface 2.0 table it built with Samsung is now available to order, with an expected delivery date of next year. First put on show at CES 2011, the Samsung SUR40 is effectively a table that incorporates a 40in touchscreen display and a PC to drive it. Samsung SUR40 The scratchproof …


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  1. Neil Greatorex


    The point is?

    Can't see a use.

    1. Craigness

      For starters...

      ...there's air hockey.

      And lastly, there's air hockey.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Can't see a use

      "Can't see a use" is what pretty much everyone said about tablets only a couple of years ago.

      So, like tablets, MS will develop them initially, they'll be expensive and no-one will buy them. Later, Apple will come along, make them cheaper, but to a far inferior hardware spec and Stephen Fry will go all gooey all over the press.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did they slip in an extra zero by mistake?

    Surely a PC + 40" inch telly can't cost that ridiculous amount?

    Touchscreen digitisers are cheap too

    1. Synonymous Howard

      Yeah and they say iPads are expensive!

      Just build your own ...

    2. JonRussell

      IIUIC there is an important bit of tech missing from the article... The new surface has a clever thin film image capture technology. The v1 surface has a camera built in to it so it can recognise objects put on the surface and the funny dot based codes printed on thier base. The codes also allow the surface to sense the objects rotation, allowing complex physical interactions. But the cameras made the old surface very deep. This new model has the same image capture function built in to the screen, in a couple of inches. Very clever. And worthy of the price tag ... Maybe ... And IIUIC.

  3. Stjohn Roe

    And then i thought space invaders

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      ...or Pong...

      ...or even Pacman.

  4. J. Cook Silver badge

    My guess on the price...

    I'm thinking the reasons for the giant price are a couple factors:

    * Touchscreens that large are *not* cheap. (ELO has a 32" version for ~$1400 USD, for example)

    * niche market- aside from the geek factor, what practical uses are there for such a device?

    * low volume- see point two- niche products are usually not made in large quantities where costs can scale.

    Having said that, I've been pondering something like this for a while for tabletop gaming.

    1. Miek

      "Having said that, I've been pondering something like this for a while for tabletop gaming."

      You like having a sore neck and hump then ?

  5. Raithmir

    Too expensive

    No thanks. I'd rather get an EXOdesk.

    $1300 next year apparently.

  6. Dan Paul

    Can't figure a use?????????????????????

    The Security Industry could certainly use this as a control and display device for IP Cameras across a building or a city. Touch the picture for a specific camera, gesture to zoom in or out?

    The Automation Industry could use this for control and display of Building HVAC controls, chemical or power plant controls. Touch a specific graphic for equipment, drill down to lower level to adjust parameters for control?

    Gamers might want it just for fun. As the other reader said Space Invaders, Pong, Air Hockey, Football, Soccer, all has to do with the flat layout of the screen. Various games would lend themselves well to this format.

    Educational sector could use this for several purposes related to drafting, controls, automation, testing, art, etc.

    Manufacturing could use this for Computer Assisted Drafting & Manufacturing applications.

    What about those for a start?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Gamers might want it just for fun. As the other reader said Space Invaders, Pong, Air Hockey, Football, Soccer, all has to do with the flat layout of the screen. Various games would lend themselves well to this format."

      And loads more games wouldn't. Know many people who've spent over 5 grand on their current gaming rig? Of the examples you chose, I don't know anyone who wants to play Space Invaders, Pong, Air Hockey, Football or Soccer on a flat surface SO BADLY they'd spend 5 grand on a touchscreen table.

      You know what else lends itself well to playing Air Hockey, and doesn't cost 5 grand?

      An air hockey table.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      You really think someone's going to spend five and a half grand (UK £) to look at IP cameras and play Pong?

      Maybe they could use it to read ebooks too, with a really big font.

  7. I_am_Chris

    Why such a pants CPU?

    You'd think for that amount of money you'd get something like an iCore. The engadget review shows a less than smooth user experience :/

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Used a similar MS Surface desk (think it was at Manchester's Tourist Office?) and the experience is absolutely horrendous. Super slow, wouldn't recognise the tags or touches very well.

    Ended up using a regular paper map instead.

    For £5k I'd expect them to have ironed out all these flaws, but looking at videos it doesn't seem that much better.

    Maybe if I had a few million around and no idea of where to spend it....

  9. dssf

    Up to 50 contact points...

    Lemme see.... 5 people with 10 fingers active, or 2 people with 10 fingers active... or, deepending on the software and firmwear, someone on two knees, with 8 toes contact, next to someone on one knee, 4 toes, and one foot and 5 toes.... wait, even tho it IS supposed to be scratchproof, I hope they did the toenail/talon scratch test...

    Now, if they build a scanner into this thing, it could "give rise" to the emergence of a new type of "flat bed scanner", hehehehe. Could enable documentation and digitizine at once.

  10. LarsG

    RSI of the neck and back.......

    Hunch over, strain neck to see, any business that takes this on will end up with litigation for RSI.

    As for the price, it will never be for the masses but a rich persons play thing. If you have children beware the spilled juice.

    Love the idea of it, but practically not a great product.

  11. LarsG


    A great way to share the bug, will it come with a wipes attachment? I know people who never wash their hands even when they have had a c**p urgh!

    That's why I hate public use touch screen technology, you never know where the last hand has been!

  12. Miek

    Unless I am mistaken, this is an extremely cut-down version of the original surface device shown a couple of years back. Only difference is that they stripped out so much it is basically a touch screen computer in a table format; rather uninspiring really. What happened to placing a (Wifi enabled) camera or phone on the table and watching your photos "pop out" of the camera? I guess now we will have to place a normal camera or phone on the table and plug it into the USB.

  13. Richard 31
    Paris Hilton


    How does it cope when i have left my coffee on it and spilled some of my dinner? :)

    Other than that, cool, but pointless.

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