back to article HP's server, PC, and printer businesses stumble

New HP CEO Meg Whitman sure does have her work cut out for her, but she managed to notch up a quarter that was slightly better than Wall Street expected on the revenue and profit fronts. But don't call victory quite yet. HP took some significant hits in its core PC, server, and printer businesses in the past three months. In …


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  1. alwarming

    If Whitman really was Gestner...

    ...eBay would have been an Amazon today. Sorry - she is more like another Carly with a dial up on brains, and a dial down on guts. HP has its work cut out - but its still not in "the mood" yet... listen to VPs and you'll know what I am saying.

  2. Robert E A Harvey

    Not rocket science

    The previous CEO was touting the PC hardware business round car boot sales, and telling everyone who would listen that they were a software services company. And at the car boot sales no-one was buying.

    If you were buying medium iron, or even printers, you might pause and think 'but will they be there in 5 years time'?

  3. KingKong

    Operating profit??!!!

    Surely this is wrong ;-)

    "HP Services behemoth, which had $9.28bn in sales (up 1.7 per cent) and an operating profit of $119bn"

    If it was an operating profit of $119bn instead if mn then the computer industry would be booming and HP one of the worlds most profitable companies. Which it isn't and which it's not.!

    1. tpm (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Operating profit??!!!

      $1.19bn. Very important decimal not making the point.

  4. Davidoff

    Workstations and games

    "Workstation sales rose by 12 per cent to $593m, which just goes to show you what happens when some good 3D games come out. "

    Yeah, right. I can see how all these gamers rush out to purchase a £4k z800 workstation just to play Battlefield 3.

  5. CheesyTheClown

    HP who?

    Let's point out where HP failed and make it real simple. "Customer Care". Bought and HP printer and then upgraded Windows "Sorry, we won't release a Windows X driver for that printer". Bought a webOS tablet? "Sorry, we don't do those anymore". Bought HP network switches "Oh, we released a new model, we don't do the old one anymore". Bought an HP wx8400 Workstation "Oh sorry about the drivers, we don't support that model anymore". Bought an HP laptop? "What model did you say? Did we even make one of those? Are you sure it says HP on it? Oh you bought it from that store... yeh... we don't support that one".

    Companies and individuals can't justify investments in equipment from vendors who have a terrible track record like this. Once HP was the king of printers. I have an HP LaserJet II+ in the closet I'm sure would work the second I plugged it into my Core i7 notebook with a dongle. The thing was built like (and weighed as much as) a house and was priced appropriately for the tech.

    HP is/was a premium brand... that went completely tits to the wind a few years back. Now, you buy HP if you're looking to save a buck and don't give a rats ass about quality. In short... they practically just another Dell.

    Let me make something clear... you can sell to the CEOs, you can sell to the CTOs, but no matter how much you sell to them, you can't sell more if the IT geeks are spending too much time supporting your stuff. You have to get it right. An HP machine SHOULD cost more. And, it should be a higher quality. I think that Hewlett and Packard would cry if they saw what the management has done to their company. HP has consumed and destroyed so much of the worlds greatest companies. If I were them, I would seriously consider spinning off a premium brand name like DEC to make a difference.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    HP Sinking

    The last 3 apalling HP CEOs and the completely disfunctional board have failed to sink the company in the last 10 years, this one anyway, looks like she'll be the one capable to complete the job and sink HP for good.

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