back to article Larger Kindle Fire coming soon, say moles

If you're thinking of plopping down a brace of Benjamins for a 7-inch Kindle Fire this holiday season, you might think of waiting a couple of months for the 8.9-inch version, which looks increasingly likely to be released next spring. According to the lastest rumor from the Taiwanese market-watchers at DigiTimes, unidentified …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looking at the reviews...

    ...the Kindle Fire will be, post Thanksgiving, Best Buy's biggest product return too.

    I don't think this will be nearly the success Amazon believes; looking at the reviews, the software is clunky, slow and badly thought out, very much early beta, and the Silk browser for all its privacy-breaking cloud splendour is slower than pretty much every other device out there. And the hardware isn't even very good for reading eBooks on.

    Like it or not, customers will judge the Fire against the iPad and find the Fire badly wanting.

    1. Random Coolzip

      Like it or not...

      Most customers will judge the Fire against the iPad and will find the Fire significantly cheaper. When you're hungry and all you've got is a pocketful of change, a $2 hot dog looks better than a $5 sandwich.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        So you're comparing being poor and hungry to deciding which non-vital pece of consumer electronics to buy. Not really the same, are they?

  2. bman227

    The iPad Killer?

    It is clear that Kindle Fire is not an iPad killer. They are different sides of the tablet market. The screen size, the features, the power all favor the iPad, but the Kindle Fire's price reflects that. A larger more powerful Kindle Fire may finally rock the iPad off it's pedestal though. It will be interesting to see what happens. I know I would be interested in a larger Kindle Fire.

    1. Tim Bergel
      Thumb Down


      person who joined The Register just to compare the Fire unfavourably with the iPad...

  3. Insane Reindeer

    Screw this for pickup full of Porcupine burgers!

    I have had enough. Enough of moles, and leaks and morons from those investment companies or whatever they are constantly trying to guess what the hell some scum hole of a Chinese factory is making for some bunch of over eager kool aid obsessed idiots of the most titanic nature.

    I. Do. Not. Care. Yes this story is the one that has finally driven me over the edge.

    Why am I commenting then? Because I can. And because I feel the need to be down voted to death by a group of people so moronically and zealously infatuated with the next "cool" thing that they wouldn't even notice if they got run over by a Challenger 2 at top speed while standing naked in the middle of Time square on New Years Eve!

    I can't let El Reg escape my wrath either. Why for the love of all that is blue do you continually, and it seems to me more than ever now, publish these bloody things? What is the point? What is it going to do? If you want to know what a company is going to be doing next year, and you want to tell the world about it, then have the common sense and decency to go straight to the source. As the source will most likely not tell you then steal the damn information. Don't want to steal the information so that you can actually print something tangible? Fine! OK, so stop running these epically pointless and annoying stories and learn some damn patience.

    I wonder if this will even get published...

    1. Ralph B

      I wonder if this will even get published... ?

      Of course it'll get published. This is The Reg. Only directly criticising Orlowski will get your comment pulled here.

      I too get a wee bit irritated by the constant rumour and speculation about shiny new toys. But we know why it's done: It's because people thinking about buying product X want to know if they should wait for product Y to come on the market, either because Y is better, or X will then drop in price.

      Naturally it would be better still to just settle for X now, if it's good enough for your needs, or take a long hard look at your life style and realise that X, Y and even Z are irrelevant distractions of the consumer age and you'd be better off just reading a good book.

      But that's not going to happen, is it?

  4. Timbo 1

    @Rudolph the Insane Reindeer

    Seems like your red nose might be more to do with drinking too much Scotch. Sure you'll be sober enough to deliver to the right addresses on 25th December?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @ Timbo 1

      Sadly, he may not have been drinking.

      If the advertisers succeed we will all have a plethora of reading gadgets for all types of reading. One small ebook reader for the commute on the train, one big one for the large format books, a colour one for the magazine subscriptions, not forgetting an ebook reader program for the laptop, and none of them perfect.

      Bah humbug!

  5. bumpy

    Fire OK with me

    I reviewed the feature set of the Fire carefully before buying and it is meeting my expectations. No, it's not the same as a full featured tablet but THAT IS NOT ITS INTENT! Yes, after using it there are things about the interface that are annoying (a "carousel" is cute but not the fastest way to locate content) but I suspect there may be changes coming. Just a guess - I have no moles in Amazon.

    1. PaulW

      >> "it's not the same as a full featured tablet but THAT IS NOT ITS INTENT"

      Unfortunate then that Amazon are running adverts on the telly right now proclaiming that it is the intent of the product - a full featured tabled with tight integration to Amazon's online product offerings. As are the Nook people (not seen one in action so I cant judge). Good job you dont have any moles inside Amazon.

      (Full disclosure - I do have a number "n" of ipad2 devices where n > 1 and n < 5 )

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cool, more crap hardware from Amazon. Let the making fun commence!

  7. aThingOrTwo

    I seem to recall this happening before…

    In 2006 Microsoft used the Toshiba gigabit MP3 player as a reference design as a shortcut to rush the first Zune device to market in time for commercefest.

    Later versions were far better designed and aesthetically pleasing.

    This sounds like pretty much as case of the same thing happening here. It was also tipped a while ago by Ryan Block.

  8. FredScummer
    Paris Hilton

    Tablet Size

    I have to admit that I wasn't fired up about the current version of Kindle Fire, primarily because of its screen size. So if the 2nd version is going to be bigger then that might placate my concerns enough to consider one.

    However I still have a concern about being forced to use Amazon's proxy servers to connect to the Internet. It's not so much my objecting to records being kept of my online activity (who would be interested in me visiting the and web site anyway?), it's more to do with concerns about my password activity to log into secure sites being channelled thru one portal.

    Paris because I mentioned being channelled thru one portal.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kindle DX

    I shelled out for a Kindle DX from the USA - cost me around £350 I think (including shipping, taxes, custom fees).

    I also have a Kindle 3 (before the Kindle Fire).

    The small Kindle is great for reading fiction. But it is NO GOOD for university A4 lecture notes or textbooks!!!

    The Kindle DX is okay for reading university A4 lecture notes.

  10. Ascylto
    Big Brother


    Here in the UK ...


    Kindle damp embers.

  11. Stoneshop

    A bigger Kindle Fire

    That'd be the Bonfire, surely.

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