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Reg Hardware is always inundated with speaker systems for the iPhone and iPod in the run-up to Christmas, but there are still relatively few sets of speakers designed to dock Android phones. Yes, most iPod and iPhone speaker-docks do have an 3.5mm aux port that will allow you to connect almost any audio source – but a mere …


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  1. Paul Webb


    What is the point of this device? It doesn't make any special use of the connector so what does it do that I can't already do with my charger and a 3.5mm cable? From the CableJive website: "dockBoss+ doesn't provide integration features like device control or playlists. It simply provides power and audio signals. "

    Am I missing something (other than more coffee)?

    1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      As far as I can see, that's what it does. Which is fine.

      If you have a home or car hi-fi device, alarm clock, whatever, with an iPod-shaped space on it - either for your partner's iThing, or just because - this cable lets you use the dock to charge, and play from, other, micro USB compatible thingies. Probably, converting the power voltage is the expensive part.

  2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Excuse me while I yawn...

    Apple doc connector already does other things which are key for a good dock.

    There is the so called "Direct iPhone/iPad control" option which allows the iPhone control the media device. Now if the connector did that (+/- app on the phone) that would have been really interesting because it would have allowed some of the really cool iPhone oriented dock gadgets to work with a Droid.


    And so on.

  3. WonkoTheSane

    Why I bought a Vauxhall...

    It came with a full-size USB & a 3.5mm socket instead of a fruit dock.

  4. Dave 126

    Android device makers...

    ...really should bang their heads together and develop common protocols for making iDevice-style docks and connectors. MicroUSB should be up to the job. It is a selling point for Apple that owners of their devices can get docks that allow control of their music through a hi-fi and have playback controls on an infrared doofah- amongst other applications.

    My £50 Lidl car stereo does me proud, with USB, SD Card and 3.5mm Aux in... dead handy for charging my phone or MP3 player .

    Besides, my cigarette lighter socket doesn't work ever since it caught fire - I'd been using a Mercedes Benz lighter in a Peugeot socket and it jammed on. Serves me right for assuming things were 'standard'.

  5. Neil 44

    iThing to bluetooth?

    The smart way to have done this would have been to adapt the fruit connector to bluetooth and just have a uUsb power plug to power the phone/slab/....

    That way you could use BT to get your sound and control the media player on the Droid - rather like the Parrot mki9200 that I have in my car does!

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