back to article Fujitsu parades 16-core Sparc64 super stunner

Ahead of the SC11 supercomputer conference in Seattle last week, recently awakened supercomputing giant Fujitsu rolled out the kicker: a commercialized version of the K supercomputer that is at the top of the flops charts in the world right now. A whole lot of details on the Sparc64-IXfx processor and the PrimeHPC FX10 systems …


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  1. Field Commander A9

    "The PrimeHPC blade server with Tofu interconnect chips on the left"

    They're now building servers with tofu? Good to hear that us server-admins won't be starving anymore...

    1. Rusty 1

      You'll still be hungry, unless...

      Real server admin don't eat tofu. Users do.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "as a development machine"

    Wait, what? Developing for the k machine carries an entry price of 64 cabinets for the base loadout times 50MJPY makes 3.2GJPY or about 27 million quid? Just to get started?

    I didn't know their educational institutions were that flush with monies to shake around, especially not after that bit of shaking and flushing they had to deal with lately.

  3. Babai

    Is it TeraFLOPS or PetaFLOPS ??


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