back to article Kindle Fire demand hits iPad rivals not iPad

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is being portrayed as the first real competition Apple's iPad has had, but initial evidence from potential tablet buyers suggests it's Apple's rivals who really need to worry. US market research company ChangeWave polled just over 3000 North American consumers this month and found that a staggering …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now Primed for the future!

    Best budget tablet by a country mile.

    According to XDA It can already be easily made to run Android Market, Books, Voice, Maps, Google+, Reader, Gmail, Street View, Youtube, Talk, Netflix, Pandora, Dolphin Browser and the

    Go Launcher.

    Whilst already a hotcake Thunderbirds are now Go!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      actual the best tablet is Nook Tablet, much better hardware (screen, storage, ram) and all those things you mention

  2. hammarbtyp

    Fire is not competing with other tablets

    I think that will change when people start seeing Fire for what it is, a way of consuming Amazon product. However it is very limited compared to other tablets and I think the hype will die down

    As for the number of people buying a iPad, well the herd is not always right

    From a very happy ASUS transformer owner

  3. Anonymous Coward

    How many of the 51% not happy with their Android Tab bought a £100 job from NEXT last Christmas, or one of the many, cheap Chinese jobs being imported???

    I think we should have an alternative to the fanboi icon, for all the people who buy it because the fanbois say it is gods own creation - Shaun the Sheep anyone????????

  4. Big_Ted


    One question springs to mind, how many of the 51% who were not happy with their non ipad tablet had bought a cheap (£60-90) quid chinese job off ebay and how many were owners of higher spec tablets running honeycomb.....

  5. Arctic fox

    The tablet market is growing at an ever accelerating pace.

    What conclusion can we draw from this survey concerning *newcomers* to the tablet market and which tablet they might buy? As far as Apple are concerned a recent survey showed that their main demographic are twenty to thirty something males in households with a total income in excess of 100.000 dollars per annum. Do we seriously believe that the main demographic in the tablet market (as far as numbers of units shifted is concerned) is going to be dominated by that group in the years to come? No, Apple will continue to do very well I am sure in terms of numbers of units in the high-segment end of tablet space but market share of the total tablet market will be another issue entirely.

  6. Phil.A

    Does most purchases make something the best?

    According to articles like this one, the iPad MUST be the best because more iDiots buy them, and a very small percentage probably use them for more than just browsing...

    If you say "most sales means the best" then McDonalds MUST be the best food available, right? Oh wait, it's not, it's rubbish food that makes you fat!

    Let's not forget that the Fire doesn't have the standard Android Marketplace, instead it only has Amazon's one, which means you can't get ALL Android apps, only the ones that they choose, kind of like saying "I like Android for the flexibility, but let's buy one that isn't flexible at all" - it's cheap but limited

    Personally I'd rather have a Transformer, but I already have a netbook, laptop and a Galaxy Nexus, so at the moment there's little point in a tablet - if I want to type, I'll use a keyboard, not loose half of the screen real-estate while doing it :-P

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Say Phil, help me out here:

      Why do you call people who buy iPads "iDiots"?

      Have you carried out, or can you link to, a study showing the level of common sense in iPad buyers?

      Why should you worry how people are using a consumer item you seem to have no plans of buying?

      Just wondering...


    2. Monkey

      Phil, so WHAT if people only use iPads for browsing in the end? You can bet your sweeping statement applies just as much to the majority of people buying Android tablets who, after been seduced by the sales pitch of 'more flexibility than an iPad' eventually end up browsing and reading email and little else on them.

      Your comment smacks of someone who simply cannot understand why people don't agree with your own purchase choice and all the petty prejudices and insult that go with that attitude.

      (Said by an Android tablet owner I might add)

  7. 38292757

    Re Nook Tablet: 16 gigs of RAM, 15 reserved for B&N purchases only. 1Gig available for non B&N purchases. Purchasing a 32 gig micro sd card makes a nook tab cost $300, vs $200 for a kfire. For that price, might as well go another $50 for a samsung galaxy tab plus. Now, you're paying almost 2x as much as the $200 kfire. kfire is not the better machine, but it delivers a pretty good experience for its rock bottom price point.

  8. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    America is not the world

    Anecdotally speaking and having just equipped myself with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 I can say that in Germany Apple's court room strategy has definitely increased awareness of the Samsung brand, at least among the tech crowd with whom I frequent - "is that the one that is banned?" and it is getting very appreciative comments regarding the screen and weight - I can hold it using an "untrained" wrist for more than two minutes! ;-) Reading books is about the only thing that doesn't work too well give the lack of height, everything else is very funky. Oh, and it has a file system! Having seen the hoops that fanbois have to go through to swap pictures and audio between devices I can see that becoming *the* stick with which to beat them.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh No's!!!

    Freetards Cannibalising Freetards!

    Insert BSD, Linux, Android, and freetard OS of choice really. Its the same old story, the same old song.

    Wierd geeks who would rather buy cheap ass hardware, spend a lot of mental and physical energy assembling, modifying, patch monkeying, you name it for <insert hours, weeks, months> on end and deal with monitoring for headaches and monkey patching them as they come up.

    Just to proove they did not have to buy <insert any market leader> and just turn it on and use it.

    Time is money but geeks have tons of it since they give up <insert girlfiriends, life, friends, outside life>

    EOF geekdom

  10. Mike Judge

    short lived

    when consumers fin out it runs an intentionally crippled version of Android designed to stop competition..

  11. Peter 48

    Apple Shills

    Why does the Register bother reporting these advertising puff pieces by a company obviously subsidised by apple? Every single one of their "polls" is always heavily biased towards the fruity bunch. For one they always seem to leave out the best selling honeycomb tablet from Asus in all their polls to keep the figures skewed.

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