back to article Web smut barons sue over .xxx 'shakedown'

Two of the biggest porn companies on the net want to put a stop to the .xxx top-level domain, and they've taken their demands to court. Manwin and Digital Playground yesterday sued domain name system overseer ICANN and .xxx manager ICM Registry on antitrust grounds, claiming that ICM has been "extorting defensive registrations …


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  1. Graham Marsden
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    Good for them!

    The .XXX domain has been a scam from the outset, akin to an old-fashioned Protection Racket ("Nice domain you have here, Squire, be a shame if anything happened to it, know what I mean?")

    When you have both sides of the porn debate agreeing that it's a bad idea, it's clear something is wrong, but ICANN and ICM are only interested in the money.

  2. Jay Jaffa

    Of course it's a shakedown

    It was the same with .US, .NAME. .INFO and all the rest that came with an overpriced "sunrise" period. Forcing '00,000s of brands to spend meaninglessly on these domains to stave off domain-jackers.

    ICANN and Netsol/Verisign has been a cosy cartel for years.

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