back to article Panasonic SC-BTT270 5.1 Blu-ray home theatre

For an all inclusive Blu-ray home cinema, this Panasonic system sure comes in a small box. But everything you need for 21st century surround sound is inside, including satellite speakers and subwoofer, Blu-ray receiver and metres of colour coded bell-wire. Thankfully, the SC-BTT270 sounds somewhat larger than it looks. …


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  1. Why Not?

    is it just me

    I can't help thinking they couldn't make the speakers look any more cheap or ugly if they tried?

    Note to designers : Home Theatres are supposed to look impressive its part of the willy waving requirement! Subtle & expensive shouldn't look like speakers you buy from the poundshop.

    Matt, unobtrusive and reeking of class please .

    Why no HDMI in? Us cheap people that can't afford a sports cars or are so geeky we don't have girlfriends are bound to have something obscure to pop into the HDMI port. Maybe a HTTPC? I bought mine because I wanted to enjoy my home entertainment with really good Audio. I should want to have it switched on all the time.

    DLNA - DMP/DMR/DMS ?? we have to know.

    Glad the new viera connect is included, but be aware Panasonic have form for dropping older systems such as vieracast. Pity my BT200 doesn't have all the nice features and no updates but it was 'only midrange' wish I had gone with a competitor who have continued to develop their online options for older products.

    If I had done that for the television I wouldn't to put up with the truly awful Guide+ on a £1000 TV, the Tesco cheapie (£180 26") in the kitchen has a better EPG by far.

    I love the Audio & other functions on my home theatre & TV by the way, nicely done designers

    I imagine its badly done Accountants for the features I hate.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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