back to article Size doesn't matter to database thrusting Clustrix

Clustrix clustered server nodes loaded with Intel SSDs chew through parallelised database queries in a flash. At a press event in San Jose, database startup Clustrix introduced its new CEO and described its technology. CEO Robin Purohit joined Clustrix 30 days ago, coming from HP and Mercury, and Veritas before that. His …


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  1. Jay Jaffa
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    I certainly wouldn't use photobox as a good reference site. My wife ordered a family photo album from them and they sent us the wrong one 6 times - over the course of 3 months, Each time I received somebody else's photo album, one even semi-explicit, and each time it was "no need to return it, just destroy it" and we'll get the right one straight out to you. They might not lose data but they certainly mash it up.

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