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Cloud computing is big business, in part because companies are happy to shell out lots of cash to buy themselves time and development flexibility. In this quest to displace the operations bottleneck that exists within enterprises, developers are taking on more of the operations role for themselves and to reduce this new burden …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Of the dread god Finagle and his mad prophet Murphy.

    It happens now and then that I read a piece of Matt's and I plain don't understand the position. I can look at the words until they start to dance but it doens't help. Sometimes, though, it makes sort of sense, such as now. Only it doesn't right until you read the last paragraph in small print.

    The basic deal seems to be that young whippersnapper devs have taken on the ops role and are now desperate to gain back some of the time that sort of thing takes to get back to development by throwing "the cloud" at the mess they've made. How logical.

    This sort of thing is but one reason why you separate dev, testing, ops. If you don't you end up with a developmestruction environment, and with the cloud thrown in only moreso. It might seem to work out peachy and everything, right up until the shit hits the fan and then it all comes down in flames. Backups? Keeping your critical data under tight control? Even know on what continent that critical data is? That sort of thing? Not important, says Matt, because "devs don't think that way".

    If you choose to have your business go up in a puff of cloud --how modern-- well, that comes with failing to pick your priorities. There are things you don't do, and letting people with no clue in a particular field decide the future of that field should be one of them. But then, "managers" and "micro" go well together more often than not. It's the same sort of ailment. Matt is Brass these days, isn't he? How's the hair then?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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