back to article New 'nauts move into International Space Station

The Russian Soyuz TMA-22 that's carrying a new batch of crew members for the International Space Station (ISS) has successfully docked and offloaded its passengers. NASA TV broadcast the docking live at 4.24AM GMT, nine minutes ahead of schedule. The Russians made it look easy this time, which must be a relief after …


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  1. Sir Adam-All


    whats that thing flapping around on the upper left ?

    1. Daniel 1

      It's a rotating distance-monitoring antenna

      Part of the Pirs docking unit on the Zvezda module that TMAs and ATMs use to dock with ISS. Because the Kurs docking system is made in the Ukraine, by what is now a commercial competitor to RKA, the entire docking mechanism is under review. Pirs, itself, is set for replacement under this ongoing scheme, and will thus become the first section of the ISS to undergo decommissioning since the station was built.

      The readout for the KURS (which is mentioned repeatedly in the commentary) can be seen in the bottom right under the Cyrillic letters 'KYPC'.

  2. Peter Murphy
    Thumb Up

    Очень хорошо!

    It's great to live in a time where videos of space travel are immediately uploaded for people to view on their computers. In Russian

This topic is closed for new posts.

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