back to article Sharon Stone greets returning US troops ... with a web vid

A wave of frenzy failed to greet Hollywood star Sharon Stone when she officially welcomed home US troops from serving duty in Iraq and Afghanistan today - with a video posted on Facebook. It would seem that these days a sleb need only offer such a heart-warming message via a social network. In 1954 it was very different when …


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  1. Aaron Em

    Sharon who?

    Basic Instinct 3 fell through, huh?

  2. GregC

    My favourite thing about this story...

    is that my rss gadget truncated the headline to "Sharon Stone greets returning troops with piss-..."

    Didn't really live up to expectations...

  3. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Not forgetting

    Most of the troops weren't even born when Sharon Stone was actually famous. For most of the last twenty years she's been becoming increasingly bizarre going on fully unhinged. As the ever-wonderful Marina Hyde put it:

    'In 2006, as Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was slipping into a coma after a stroke, cinema's Sharon Stone was readying herself to prove that nymphomaniac ice-pick murderers and Middle East peace envoys need not be mutually exclusive.'

  4. Old Handle

    Yellow Exclamation Marks

    Actress does something not interesting and people show no interest!

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge

      People appart, obviously, from the news media that is.

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