back to article Samsung's Bada outshipped WinPho 7 in Q3

Poor old Microsoft. Even Samsung's Bada smartphone OS is more popular than yours. So the latest figures from market watcher Gartner reveal. In Q3, just under 2.5m Bada smartphones shipped around the globe, it said today. But only fractionally more than 1.7m handsets with a Microsoft OS shipped during the same period. It'll …


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  1. HamsterNet


    This looks really really bad for RIM, already worth less than its assets...

  2. Joe Montana

    Larger margins

    High margin, lower volume goods may well be profitable in the short term, but history shows that cheaper higher volume goods tender to win out in the end. Just look at x86 vs ppc/sparc/alpha etc.

  3. Peter 48

    not being first might suit apple

    there is little for them to be gained by flooding the market with cheap iphones. They have repeatedly said themselves that their image and perceived value is their most valuble asset and that includes desirability though scarcity.

    1. fandom

      Come on! they make tens of millions of iphones

  4. Eddy Ito

    Re: not being first might suit apple

    With the release of Android 4 code I think there will soon be a bunch of other players jumping in the ice cream sandwich to up the Android share even further. It also likely means the Cyanogen folks are already in process.

  5. azimutha

    Out of curiosity...

    I know next to nothing about Bada, but doesn't an OS need to have an ecosystem to really thrive in the coming years? Unquestionably, iOS is the champ and Android not far behind, but seems the next contender/pretender to the throne would most likely be Microsoft with its decent and growing stable of apps and developer tools. Does Bada have this? And can it be pushed into European/North American markets? I'm not judging, just asking for opinions on this.

    1. Sentient

      Samsung Wave I

      Well I bought a Samsung Wave 1,5 year ago mainly because it had great hardware, was considerably cheaper than the Galaxy S and was a tad smaller.

      When I do check the application store there's little there that looks interesting. But to be honest I am not really interested in app beyond the stock ones.

      There's a bada sdk and IDE based on eclipse. Developer interest in the west seems to be minimal and even waning. Have a look at

  6. Richard Wharram

    I thought...

    Bada was shipped on feature phones ?

    Never used one though so am probably wrong.

  7. Asher Pat
    Thumb Down

    El-Reg savours tormenting Apple's rivals

    In its Apple worshipping, El-Reg (like most of the other media) loves to poke fun at Apple's compeition, especially Microsoft. why? because by subtle and not so subtle innuendoes, the Apple free-mason media hopes to extinguish such competition before it threatens Apple's domination, and it bends over backwards to diss Microsoft, cos WinPho looks like a force to be reckoned with and whatsmore, it makes iOS UI look jurassic and heaven forbid, Applistas just can't use the littany of "copying of Apple".

    In its messianic agenda, El-Reg is sloppy with facts, after all, what shrinks is Microsoft Mobile, it''s like comparing the sales of iPod Classic with modern competing media-players. But El-Reg glosses it (or rather "tars-it") lumping WinPho with WinMo, even if it is clearly labelled on the chart.

    What worries Apple loving journo is that WinPho is a clear riser, witness the recent surveys of developers where WinPho has been rising faster than any other OS and clearly has the critical mass (no word, hush!) that together with Microsoft's muscle and standardised development environment and an apparent hit that Nokia's 800 is, may mean, OMG, that Apple is not gonna "iPodise" the mobile phones market...where is the world coming too...

    I wonder what hardware (and software) does the writer use in his private the first 5 minutes of Simpsons Mypods and Broomsticks episode for a parody of Apple worshippers

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: El-Reg savours tormenting Apple's rivals

      Do you actually read The Register?

      1. Asher Pat

        @drewc - and how exactly this responds to my post?

        and how exactly this responds to my post?

  8. Mikel

    Bada is interesting

    It will take a few quarters before we know if it is going to be a strong competitor.

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