back to article C&W Worldwide boss out after 4 months

Cable & Wireless Worldwide is swapping boss John Pluthero with Vodafone exec Gavin Darby after exceptional charges pushed the firm into the red for the first half of 2011. The move comes less than five months after former chairman Pluthero replaced Jim Marsh in the CEO chair in June following the third profit warning in the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Christ - another bloody re-org on it way

    see above

  2. CowardlyAndrew

    Demon gets a small mention, customer churn and pressure (downward) on voice and data.

    For a firm offering wholesale services, and what was once an internet pioneer in the UK, to have such a small mention does not bear well for continued faith (if anyone has any faith left) in their SME broadband services.

  3. lotuswolf

    There's no light at the end of this tunnel

    Oh dear, I sympathise for the grunts who will continue to be pushed by the handlers above demanding that last drop of blood.

    Poor management, poorly managed staff, those poor customers.......

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