back to article Rackspace: OpenStack beds Disney, NASA, Sony

The OpenStack cloud operating system is emerging as the main alternative to VMware because of its frenetic pace of development. So says Rackspace, OpenStack backer and internet hosting giant. OpenStack is an open-source cloud operating system platform that manages pools of virtualised server, storage and network resources for …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge


    The Cloud is by no means mature. Placing commercial data onto an unproven Cloud technology combined with heavily developing/changing the infrastructure behind the scenes is going to disappoint someone in a bad way.

    In this case, it is better to avoid the herd for the time being.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Openstack vs. Cloudstack

    If you eventually want to run virtual desktops on your cloud, you better use cloudstack. Openstack's definition of open means everyone is going to make money off of you. While Citrix has just fully open sourced the commercial version of Cloudstack. Cloudstack's ability to scale is better then Openstack. Cloudstack has probably more fortune 500 companies running it then Openstack. Wouldn't you believe that Rackspace is heavily invested when the whole idea of running your own cloud is to get away from AWS and Rackspace. Cloudstack turns you into a cloud service provider and makes it really easy to add hardware and provide new accounts for your cloud customers, even if it is just other departments in your organization, even still you really need chargeback capabilities. Cloudstack is almost as simple as playing on facebook, imagine your non-IT folks adding hardware and creating new accounts from their iPad. With Openstack you better be ready to hire a team of professionals, I hope your cloud budget can support ex-NASA employees.

    1. Kirbini

      Have you looked into OpenStack lately?

      Yes, OpenStack is complicated as hell, but it's getting better faster. But who stands behind CloudStack? Citrix. And who has publicly committed to OpenStack to the point of integrating CloudStack and code? That's right Citrix.

      It's true, today you can be up and running faster with CloudStack. Tomorrow there won't be a CloudStack because OpenStack will consume it. This is not speculation; it is the words of the CloudStack team.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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