back to article Sage sued for pulling out too soon

British accounting software firm Sage is being sued for pulling out of a deal to buy Australia's MYOB in August. The former owner of Mind Your Own Business (MYOB), Archer Capital, is now taking Sage to court after the talks between the two companies fell apart, Sage admitted in an LSE filing today. Sage was all fired up and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Counter claim?

    Wonder if I (and all the other businesses) that used MYOB in the UK can get together for a class action against MYOB for pulling out of the UK market?


    MYOB Data File Activation - The UK/AU connection

    Meanwhile, back in the UK, the MYOB customers which were granted a perpetual licence to use their MYOB software are facing being locked out of their account data files in the new year.

    The original documentation for UK MYOB software states that it is the Australian MYOB company that grants the licence to use the software and have data files activated, through it's UK agents.

    Mamut purchased the customer list but not the software. They have been touting 'upgrades' for £29 with an annual contract of £108, as a way of continuing to use the MYOB software. They cite the Australian MYOB company as withdrawing the activation service for data files. The Australian MYOB company won't talk to UK customers because they 'sold' the customer territory to Mamut. This puts owners in limbo.

    UK MYOB software owners face an annual bill for over £100 just to carry on using the same software they have already paid for.... if you have paid for software that didn't contain any time limitation on it's usage you would expect to be able to continue to use it, or at the very least be able to patch it to remove the activation requirement if the vendor wants to stop that service.

    There is no technical obstacle to continuing the activation service, as they have done so for several years already, since selling the UK arm to Mamut.

    If you are a UK MYOB software owner have a look at your documentation with your manual. It clearly states the Australian MYOB company, still trading at the same address, is the company granting you the licence.

  3. Robert E A Harvey


    Toy, pram, no court in the land, etc.

  4. Coldhand
    Thumb Down

    These suing claims are getting pathetic, it's almost like a customer walks into a store, talks to the attendant, becomes close to buying a T.V and then last minute backs out and walks straight out the store. Then the shop attendant attempts to sue the customer!

  5. Sean Baggaley 1

    Dear Legal Community,

    It has now become so overused, it's patently obvious that every single lawyer in the Western world is using the same damned Word template. Enough, I say! Enough!

    It is clearly time to place the word "vigorously" to rest!

    I would like to humbly suggest some alternatives you can use instead: strongly, forcefully, energetically, aggressively, heartily, eagerly, enthusiastically, with might and main (I like that one), for dear life (ideal when the accused is terminally short of cash), all out, with a vengeance, fiercely, like the devil, like the deuce, and "at full tilt".

    For informal statements, such as press releases, you could try: "like mad", "like crazy", "hammer and tongs", and my personal recommendation: "like billy-o".

    And, for the love of Pete, buy a fucking thesaurus! The Oxford University Press' online services are available at tolerable prices (which can be claimed as expenses!) Or you could just get the ODE / OTE app for iOS devices*.

    Or there's the paper option known in the trade as a "book". These are increasingly considered very passé and unfashionable, but it does have a simple user interface and near-infinte battery life, which makes it ideal if, like most people in the legal profession, you're woefully out of touch and still refer to your radio as "the wireless".

    * (Disclaimer: Other platforms do exist, etc.)

  6. Anonymous Coward

    It is...

    *Allegedly* time to put the use of the word vigorously to rest. Going forward.

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