back to article The Adventures of Tintin: the Game

Until I was five, my dad worked at Cern and we lived in the Jura Mountains across the France-Switzerland border. At weekends my mum would take us to Jouets Weber, the largest toyshop in Geneva. It stocked a large number of Tintin books, which my mum translated to me at bedtime. The Adventures of Tin Tin Take a hit and throw …


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  1. hitmouse
    Big Brother


    I bet none of the books spelled his name as two words Tin Tin.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Pull a bird

    Had to laugh at some of the captions

    'Pull a bird'

    'Swingers Party'

    New non-cola filled keyboard please!

    It looks like the kind of game that is handy for post-drinking casual gaming, when your reflexes are gone and hardcore shooters like MW3 would be too frustrating to play.

    Could be up there with the likes of Mario Kart, Crazy Taxi, some of the 'Lego' series games in that regard.

    Though is it controller playable without having to jump about in a huge living room for the kinect?

    1. Greg J Preece

      Couldn't tell you why, but "crouching writer, hidden badly" gave me a chuckle.

    2. gort

      Yes you can play it completely without Kinect.

  3. BorkedAgain

    Anchors aweigh

    ...I think...

  4. KroSha

    Shame they couldn't get it down to a PEGI-7, rather than a 12.

  5. kleinman

    Secret Levels?

    Do you get to help the Captain find rum bottles and get drunk or is that a secret level?

  6. gort

    This is a fantastic game, probably the best movie tie-in I have ever played. A lot of the slapstick and surrealism of the books is there and playable. Kids love it too. Terrific.

    I have to say the captain's drinking is played down to the point of weirdness; without the alcohol a lot of his more excessive behaviour just appears to be deranged. Funny for those who are in on the joke though.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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