back to article Hamburg loses rag with Facebook, threatens to sue

Hamburg's data protection authority has reportedly given up continuing its dialogue with Facebook and is preparing to sue the company over its use of facial recognition technology. That might be tricky for the agency, however, given that the long-awaited overhaul to 1995's European data protection law has been delayed until …


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  1. Dazed and Confused

    Opt outs should be banned

    All such systems should work on the basis on opt in.

    In order to opt out I must know what exists.

    I must make contact with the company, often with whom I have no wish to do business

    I must provide them with valuable personal data

    I must trust them them treat my data with due respect

    It raises questions as to why I have chosen to opt out.

    Only a scheme were people wishing to participate have to provide their own consent in an informed way are acceptable.

    1. Tree & Tree = Dirty Tree

      I would agree, but then again...

      ... no you don't.

      Just back up your stuff, cancel your account and move to another platform. Nobody forces anyone to use Arsebook.

      The positive side effect of opting out entirely would be:

      1) it's the only way they get the message as they don't give a rats ass about what YOU want

      2) it's the only measure you have as your participation is the only thing they care about

      3) you might actually get a real life back

This topic is closed for new posts.

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