back to article EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace

French nuclear giants EDF have been fined €1.5m (£1.28m) by a Paris court for hiring spooks to hack computers and gather info on eco group Greenpeace. Two EDF security bosses - ex-cop Pierre-Paul Francois and former Rear Admiral Pascal Durieux - were given suspended jail sentences for "complicity in computer piracy". …


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  1. whaleboy7

    How were they caught?

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    "The jailed EDF security blokes were acting alone and wanted information in particular on Greenpeace's plan to block their nuclear expansion in the UK, it was reported."

    Why not just phone up?

    Reminds me of the time the french military simply blew up a Greenpeace ship protesting incontinent nuclear energy release tests on Pacific atolls. Using mine-laying frogmen, IIRC.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More sign that many big businesses are greedy and corrupt. These are the people who are also lobbying politicians to bring in draconian laws to stop citizens doing certain things.

    OCP (from Robocop) will soon become a reality, won't be long before private companies are running the Police force. They're already starting to take on NHS hospitals.

    1. perlcat

      ...and you propose to fix this how?

      By giving an even more corrupt government more power? (Whether that be democratic, dictatorship, communist or whatever, they're ALL forms of kleptocracies in one way or another...)

      Most of what our governments do, equivalent businessmen would spend their lives in prison for (if caught). Shady accounting practices, lies, thefts, murders, illegal wars, insider trading are just a few features of governmental oversight. Just look at how corrupt the UN is, for case in point.

      If you tell me that hawks get the occasional chicken, I will award you the "No shit, Sherlock" medal. If you propose that you use this fact to install a "fix" by installing foxes *inside* the chickenhouse, I'm going to have to marvel at your cognitive processes.

      Let me help you out. The more control over a country a government/bureaucracy has, the more corruption there is. There has been no exceptions in recorded history. There will be no exceptions in the future. This is because governments are made of people. If you want to believe the people in government who tell you that they can "fix" things, remember that the term "fix" has more than one meaning. They will "fix" the economy in the mob style, and "fix" the voters in the veterinarian style, and "fix" themselves into power in the permanent, big-brother-is-watching-you style.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "Just look at how corrupt the UN is, for case in point."

        Your nationality is showing.

        "The more control over a country a government/bureaucracy has, the more corruption there is."

        The wider point is that the fewer hands power rests in, the more likely those hands are to abuse it, be it government, corporations, unions, churches or whatever else. All you're doing is making the OP's point back at him, but dressing it up in different political colours.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        re: and you propose to fix this how?

        Ahh, the old "well I know this lot are a load of crap but what can you do?" number. As @John Dee suggests, your colours are showing.

        Funny how, whenever someone does propose something - anything at all - that looks marginally different from the fax democratic corporate kleptocracy we live in, they are invariably denounced as "dangerous" accompanied by much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Most of us are unwilling but powerless observers to being fucked over; we get spied on and ripped off irrespective of whether it is the PM, CEO or the local party boss who does it. So why not a change of scenery in this tedious spectator sport? A sort of political "change ends at half time" where we get to see heads of security, bankers, shareholders and Tory apologists protesting on the streets because they've had their toys taken away.

        The other nutjobs may very well be as bad, but I am utterly sick of the ones we have and would be personally delighted to see them get a lot more than a token rap on the knuckles for a change.

  4. Kay Burley ate my hamster
    Thumb Up

    Mr Murdoch?

    Oh Murdoch is prolly having lunch with Dave...

  5. crowley


    With a 2010 profit > 1Bn EUR, this is hardly going to change their game.

    "EDF runs eight nuclear stations in the UK and plans to build four new reactors, two at Sizewell in Suffolk and two at Hinkley Point in Somerset."

    Good? (Hesitance because it's a while since I drunk Kool-aid with Lewis on this)

  6. Robert E A Harvey
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    "EDF security bosses guilty of hacking Greenpeace"

    How is that different from "EDF guilty of hacking Greenpeace"?

  7. Cyberelic

    The real winners...

    French nuclear giants EDF have been fined €1.5m (£1.28m)

    Greenpeace received €500,000 (£428,300) in damages.

    The main victim of the hacks, activist Yannick Jadot, has received €50,000 (£42,800) in damages.

    So the real winners are the lawyers who made £808,900.


  8. Mr Young

    ah - Greenpeace and the French, what can ye do?

    Best not to put them in the same room I'd say?

  9. Paul 172

    Irony much?

    "we make no comments on Greenpeace, nothing at all"

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge


  10. Steen Hive
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    It's not like they are facing extradition and 70+ years in prison for terrorist offences involving browsing computers connected to the Internet is it?

    See what I did there?

  11. BrownishMonstr

    I feel Sorry for EDF

    No one should stop others from building a nuclear reactor.

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