back to article NetApp proudly exhibits fresh box

NetApp has updated its entry-level FAS2000 products with a new FAS2240 and a lower-priced entry-level array. There were three FAS2000 arrays; entry-level 2020 (introduced Sep' 2007), mid-range 2040 (Sep 2009 intro), and high-end 2050 (Sep 2007 intro). The FAS2020 and 2050 systems go away. The previously mid-range FAS2040 has …


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  1. Changeyourgamenow
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    This is good stuff from NetApp. Probably the best low end unified array in the market. VNXe or IBM DS does not come close to this stuff. VNXe does not have FC or FCoe and IBM does not have a worthy low end. Love the fact 8.1 can run on these engines.

  2. M. B.

    FC not native

    Important to note that FC is an add-on for these new models. They have a "modular I/O slot" which allows you to add 2x 8Gb FC ports (or 2x 10GbE ports) per controller, but it's not included with the base model. By "default" they are file/iSCSI arrays, with 4x 1GbE ports per controller (not including management port).

    The FAS2040 still comes with FC ports.

    Still, under $7,500 is a good number to start at.

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