back to article Marantz NR1602 AV receiver with AirPlay

With the NR1602, Marantz has nuked the traditional AV receiver. The old template of massive amplification is out. In its place is an emphasis on networking prowess and design. The result is arguably the most forward-thinking receiver we’ll see all year. Marantz NR1602 AV receiver Big sound, slim frame: Marantz's NR1602 AV …


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  1. Kevin Fairhurst

    How many distinct sources does this support?

    I currently have seven distinct inputs in to my Onkyo, and as the Marantz supports audio return over HDMI I would consider this an eighth that I would need! From looking at the picture of the back I can easily envisage twelve inputs into this, so what does the software actually support?

  2. Scott Wichall

    Looks good but...

    Nice to see Marantz have forgotten all about people with turntables, yes I know the purists will argue you need a seperate pre-amp, however, my Denon AV amp has a fantastic phono input stage.

    1. Dave 150

      What's a turntable grandad?

      1. mraak

        Is gadget

    2. Murdo

      Marantz has not forgotten about people with turntables. Check its SR7005 receiver and also its range of two channel amps and you'll find phono stages included. But it does offer a range of products to suit many tastes, so not all amplifiers will include a phono stage.

  3. BlinkenLights


    So when your TV, AV receiver and blu-ray player all want to be media players, which one wins?

  4. hexx

    it's flat because it's class D amp, that's why you can fit so much power in such a small box, no need for enormous heatsinks and transformer.

  5. Antidisestablishmentarianist
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    I had the previous non airplay version of this. It was the only av amp small enough to fit in the gap I had in my cabinet and still be able to breath. Great stuff. I'd get this if I was in the market for that type of thing again. Small is good. No need for megawatts of power in today's close living conditions - that's just big willy stuff. Just get sensitive speakers instead. Old school.

  6. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    piss off Apple AirPlay

    I want Spotify.

    1. Murdo

      If you have the Spotify App on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad then Apple AirPlay means you can wirelessly play your tunes from your iDevice via the Marantz NR1602.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yes, you can stream Spotify wirelessly via Airplay but why would you want to? Spotify Premium on a mobile device is limited to 160kbps so streaming it via Airplay means that's the max quality you can possibly hear... half the bitrate you're actually paying a monthly subscription for!

        Right now, the only way to hear the full 320kbps quality of Spotify Premium on an AV receiver is to buy an Onkyo model, period. AFAIK no other brand has Spotify onboard.

  7. Chris D Rogers
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    Way to Go

    I like it.

    A while back I was looking at one of its older siblings and was smitten by the design - believe it or not, I use my old bulky Marantz AV as a stand for my LCD now.

    Cutting a long story short, I'd be pleased as punch to have this in my living room probably 10 times better than my high end LG 3D HTS, however, I'd have to invest in a decent woofer and good speakers again.

    Nothing against the LG, it does all what its supposed to and came out of a single box - but this baby takes the biscuit for looks and what can be achieved - my only bug bear is I'm sick of wires everywhere, so really think we should be moving to a wireless environment and this includes all speakers - currently such a set up is both expensive and time consuming - obviously, a minimum 55in LCD Monitor or good projector is a must.

  8. dansus


    Can i use those pre-outs to run Stereo to my amp?

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