back to article Data retention, FOI and the storage budget

We set you a challenge. How do you resolve the conflicting requirements of data retention rules, the Freedom of Information Act and managing a storage budget? Email, as you know, clogs up your storage boxes like nothing else. And if your policy is “hang on to it, you never know when you might need it” you could find yourself …


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  1. dieselbug

    Sales Pitch, really?

    If I'd wanted a sales pitch I'd have gone to M$.com.

    There's a lot more to data retention than cloud storage options. And the issues change with the geography - EU and US data privacy laws are markedly different and can result in alternate strategies having to be used in global organizations. As was mentioned, industry specific guidelines/laws exist but there are roles in most companies that have rules to be followed - financial, HR, and corporate records have different retention needs and these have to be maintained across data storage mediums (Peoplesoft/ JD Edwards vs email & Word/Excel docs) and these are the areas where most companies can get caught out.

    Then there's the issue of litigation and eDiscovery - and there areas are dependent on well written/executed data retention plans.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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