back to article deputy CIO quits Cabinet Office for EMC job

Bill McCluggage, the government's deputy CIO, is the latest in a series of senior civil servants who have quit their posts at the Cabinet Office in favour of a private sector job. He is leaving to take a job at storage giant EMC after having worked at the department since September 2009. "I am sorry to leave the Cabinet …


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  1. Alister

    Bill McCluggage puts self into storage

    Bill McCluggage on the rack

    Bill McCluggage bags new position

    Bill McCluggage makes case for storage

    Cabinet Office lost McCLuggage

    Poor man...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    let's hope

    He doesn't bring too much public sector mcBaggage to his new job

  3. John G Imrie

    New CIO says F/OSS should be concidered for Gov IT Projects

    Deputy CIO resigns.

    I wonder if the two are connected?

  4. Jim 59

    Conflict of interests

    I haven't checked, but I am sure Mr McCluggage has never recommended EMC products to government, otherwise this job might be seen as a reward of some type. And I am sure it is not part of his new role to lobby or influence his old goverment colleagues, because it if were, that would be a clear example of a coorporation buying government influence, and "wholly innapproopriate" would then be the kindest description.

    Ditto John Suffolk in his new role at Huawei. I haven't checked, but he probably speaks fluent Chinese, has an Engineering degree plus 30 years of top-notch security experience. Otherwise why would they hire him ?

    1. Stephen 10

      There should be a year of 'Gardening Leave'

      In all of these appointments - there is a real issue with both this and politicians moving into the private sector from the public and vice-versa.

      It's been demonstrated all too often that the individuals involved err in their own favour when deciding on the ethics of these situations.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It's a complete coincidence that...

      McLuggage has been involved in the Cabinet Office's Digital Identity Initiative.

      EMC own RSA

      RSA are big in digital identity.

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