back to article Samsung PS64D8000 64in plasma 3D TV

With Samsung’s domination of the LED TV market all but complete (bwahahaha!) it’s perhaps easy to forget the brand is a major purveyor of plasma screens too. Its current largest is the 64in D8000, which with stand weighs in at over 38kg and dominates all but the largest of living rooms. Samsung PS64D8000 64in plasma 3D TV …


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  1. David Gosnell

    Power usage

    Not surprised they don't quote power usage in the specs, but any chance of putting this brute on a meter - so long as it doesn't break it?

  2. Bob Sanders

    Crack ... wtf?

    There has been a consistent issue of Samsung's plasma TVs screen cracking internally (the exterior screen is intact). Samsung states their warranty does not cover physical damage and such incidents are considered just that even though it happens without anyone touching the screen.

    I have a Samsung LCD and haven’t had any problems over the past 3 years I’ve had it and consider Samsung a decent product. However it seems that these plasma TVs have a design flaw and Samsung is refusing to accept it. Just a warning because if you are going to put out a good chunk of money for this set, hopefully it will last more than a few hours. This may be a case to get the extended warranty offered by places like Best Buy if they cover physical damages caused by ghosts or aliens and not by Samsung design flaws.

  3. Craig 12

    "this plasma apes the brand’s LED LCD D8000 models to a tee"

    I have a 55 D8000, and wouldn't have bought it if the bezel was anywhere near the size of the model being reviewed!

    I'm not an LED convert tbh (plasmas do produce a better picture), but the practically bezel-less viewing experience of the D8000 still looks brilliant. I'm looking forward to when phones/computer screens catch up.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I returned a 55 inch Samsung LED (D7000) due to severe backlight bleeding. I won't touch them until they can manufacture them reliably. Other than a poor picture, the set looked nice.

      I'd go for one of these though and no Variable Black issue unlike the Panasonics. Not sure a studwork wall could take it !

  4. JDX Gold badge


    as title

  5. Clive 3
    Thumb Up

    @Craig 12

    I agree with Craig, I also have the 55" D8000 and would not consider this model, the bezel is too wide. On mine I love the way the picture just seems to hang in mid air due to the thin bezel. My wife was not keen on spending £2k on a TV but even she is impressed.

  6. gujiguju

    Portable Nuclear Reactor needed for power

    As @David mentioned, plugging in this Samsung model could cause blackouts in your neighborhood. ;)

    Avg of 300 watts, with a full-screen IRE window. (Why not add a sentence about comparative energy consumption, moving fwd?)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'll stick with my Pioneer KURO 500A, still the best picture of any plasma\LCD TV on the market today (even though it has been out of production for some 2 years). Though downside is it does use lots and lots of power... ah well can't have everything.

  8. Robert E A Harvey

    No thanks

    * 3D? no, thanks.

    * 64"? no, thanks

    * 'Ow Much? no, no no.

  9. jungle_jim

    even half decent projectors can kick out less than 300W

  10. bex


    How small must your penis be to need a 64 inch tv to compensate.

  11. jungle_jim

    bex 63" AROUND

  12. YetAnotherITGuy

    I just purchased the 59" version of this set, basically, same features, picture quality, etc. at 1/4 the price. In a word -- "stunning"; I could not be happier. No buzz. No visible IR. I did run the downloadedable color slides on it for about 30 hours -- that's it. Totally thrilled with my 59" set -- if you can afford the considerable price increase to get the 64", go for it!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      PS59D6900 - no Real Black filter, other spec. differences... did you compare them side to side ?

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