back to article Oregon offers vote by fondleslab-swipe

The US state of Oregon is pioneering fondleslab-voting for a primary election to replace US Representative David Wu, who resigned after a sex scandal. Disabled voters will be able to use iPads provided by county election workers in parks, nursing homes and community centres to call up the ballot and vote with a swipe of their …


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  1. Stevelane

    And exactly how easy will it be to hack this system?A countable and verifiable paper ballot is the only safe way of holding a ballot and even that needs proper enforced safeguards.

    This system or any system that involves hidden and unverifiable electronic text and numbers will never be safe enough for democracy.

    1. Mike007

      "the tablet votes will be printed out on portable printers and sent in by mail." Please don't comment on articles you haven't read.

  2. Petrea Mitchell

    Before everyone starts complaining about mail/post security...

    ...I'd just like to point out that the "vote-by-mail" system here in Oregon does not, in fact, require the Postal Service to be involved in any way. Lots of us just drop our ballots off directly at the county elections office. Some counties make additional dropoff points available near the deadlines for major elections.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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