back to article Can 24/7 porn rescue Google TV?

Google TV has not exactly set the world on fire, but a time-tested treat that catapulted such technologies as DVD, VHS, and even Super 8 into millions of homes is now available on the sputtering service. You guessed right: porn. And not just any ol' porn, but a 24/7 outpouring of smut from one of the giants in the industry, …


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  1. alwarming

    Yeah, Right!

    "The Reg is not a subscriber".

    1. Tom 13
      Paris Hilton

      Oh that I believe.

      I expect it's not tax deductible, and if it were The Reg, the attempts to hack the account for free access would be unending.

      Now whether or not something like El.Ger is registered is a whole other story....

  2. Andy 97

    I recall (someone very influential in technology that I worked with) suggested that Betamax failed because VHS was quick to embrace the 'adult entertainment' market.

    This wouldn't happen on Apple TV...

    Paris because she prefers watching her 'jazz flicks' from the comfort of her current boyfriend's viewfinder.

    1. UkForest

      Epic Fail

      Betamax failed because Sony wouldn't allow porn on it's platform... VHS, developed by JVC however, took on all and sundry!

    2. Tom 13

      And that someone would be dead wrong.

      Pr0n was just as available on Beta as VHS. What killed Beta was that they wouldn't DRM their file format and VHS would. So all the movie houses released their stuff to VHS but not Beta. The movies being available led to the opening of VHS rental chains which further fed the uptake of VHS players and recorders. Also VHS quickly moved to 4 and 6 hour formats, which were good for cash strapped consumers. Beta never extended beyond 2 hours to keep quality high. I'd give this latter about a 5% effect on the market, but the first was good for at least 70%.

  3. Chezstar

    Surely you are!

    It could be claimed as a tax deduction, I would have thought it was a valid news service...

    Fanboi picture because you might see some...fanbois...on that channel :)

  4. JB

    "Porn parody"


  5. Anonymous Coward

    Shame on El Reg

    For not asking Vivid for a free account "for testing and review purposes"

  6. Herby

    Now what we need...

    Is for ElReg to publish "Public Access Account Numbers" so all us subscribers can properly test the content to make sure it works properly for a wide variety of internet connections and operating systems.

    It is only right. Of course, this has the makings of a BOFH episode, but that will need to wait for Friday.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No smut through my BT

    I asked BT for a fat-pipe so I could stream this channel, but I only got a 1meg connection. Can't help feeling shafted.


  8. Dodgy Pilot

    I was going to work for Vivid - until they said I had to work a week in hand.

    ok... I'll get my coat ...

  9. Joe K


    Mark that shit as NSFW. I'm getting some very funny looks here now you bastards.

  10. Sir Barry

    People still pay for porn?????

  11. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    Superman XXX

    Having read "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" I think I'll pass on that thanks.

  12. You're all dinosaurs

    "lubricious" adjective for porn I have EVER heard

  13. Nick Davey


    the WoW song was right.... the Internet is for Porn!

    1. BoldMan

      It isn't a WoW song, its a song from the Avenue Q show that someone added to some WoW footage...

      The original:

    2. Toastan Buttar

      Not WoW

      "Avenue Q", the puppet show.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Get help

    "The Reg is not a subscriber" - go see your local MP, they may be able to help...

  15. Michael Reed

    [Shudder] American hardcore porn. Fake breasts, fake everything. What would be better is someone created the tech to make endless porn with realtime 3D rendering of the participants. For people who like American commercial porn the fakeness, the smoothness of the skin and the unrealism of the sex would be even better than the "real thing".

    I suppose someone enjoys it or they wouldn't make it. However, if they enable the success of a video service, good for them.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No Vivid would be

      American soft core porn. The other stuff comes from other studios.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In answer to the title of this article

    I think it would do Google TV quite a lot of good. lots of ppl love porn

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