back to article Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

Here we go again. Back to bungie jumping from the dam at Arkhangelsk. Back to sneaking across the snowy fields around the Severnaya satellite installation. And back to dodging fierce crossfire on the gantries of an antenna cradle. Goldeneye 007 Reloaded The sound of silencer After almost 15 years, these sequences remain …


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  1. Herer

    Can I try 00 difficulty on the facility?

    If not, I don't bother

  2. Annihilator

    For England James?

    My only question on this release is "why?"

    Yes Goldeneye was great on the N64 and many a happy uni night was spent thrashing my flatmates, but the world has moved on. Rehashing an old game with modern-day tech has its limits. At least with Doom and Wolfenstein they reinvented the story as well as the tech.

  3. Alpha Tony


    Whatever the adverts may claim Goldeneye was not the greatest multiplayer FPS of all time. It was not even the best multiplayer FPS at the time it came out - There were already lots of better shooters available on the PC - Goldeneye was just the first successful one on a console.

    Console shooters are for pussies anyway. The lack of accuracy on gamepads means they all rely on auto-aim, making them suitable only for children and casual gamers.

    1. Tokoloshe

      Console Vs. PC

      While I haven't been reading this nonsense as long as I've been playing computer games (since Blitz on the VIC20), it seems to have gathered some sort of assumed truth over the last decade or so.

      The inevitable 'argument' is used: console shooters are easy because the controller makes them hard to play, hence everyone *must* be using auto-aim.

      Very few games have auto-aim on by default (I always check) and it can also be turned off.

      So as I play without auto-aim can I assume that you're the pussy for using a more accurate control system?

      And what system do I play games on? All of them. So I can get on and enjoy playing whatever I want on any platform I want.

    2. Steven Raith


      The only, and I repeat only, way to play Goldeneye properly, especially in multiplayer, was with manual aiming, and auto-aim explicitly turned off.

      You have to play it to understand how it worked, but work it did, and utterly brilliantly.

      Getting a headshot with a pistol from sixty feet - awsume.

      Steven R

      1. LuMan

        Goldeneye wasn't regarded as the *best* FPS at the time due to technical brilliance, frame-rate, number of polygons or enemy AI. It was regarded as the best example of a movie tie-in with relation to a gaming genre. It actually followed the film and was bloody playable too - something that is only evident in a scant few tie-ins.

        As for console vs pc for gaming - I'm sure there's a schoolyard forum you can join if you want to waste time on that argument (ho-hum).

    3. Piro Silver badge

      You have a heart of stone

      Goldeneye on the N64 was fantastic, and drop in frame rate be damned, 4 player split screen was one of the most social and enjoyable things you could do in an FPS.

      Not everyone had a PC and a room large enough to set up a LAN (although I did LANs too, mmm, BNC cabling, terminators, and a healthy sprinkling of Quake and then Unreal Tournament).

      You can always turn auto-aim off if you want. Hell, Goldeneye even offered dual analogue control if you wanted to use two controllers. Never bothered playing like that beyond gimmick, though, but the accepted method of controlling manually was to use the C-buttons to walk, then the stick to aim.

    4. Euchrid

      So many PC shooters were much better… really?

      When Goldeneye came out, it was the first console shooter to incorporate headshots but it was a new feature in games. As far as I’m aware (and I’m happy to be corrected, if I’m wrong!) the only PC games released before Goldeneye, which had that feature, were MDK (although that’s not a FPS) and an updated version of Team Fortress. Both of those games only came out a few months before Goldeneye was released – so I doubt, but again happy to be corrected, Rare had just added that feature because of those PC games.

      Off the top of my head, I’m struggling to think of any objective-based mission FPS games before Goldeneye. I may be wrong, and happy to be corrected again, but if I am, they were by no means common.

      Various arguments have been made that Goldeneye drove the popularity of objective-based missions, zoomable snipe sights and headshots in first-person shooters – others may have a different take, but I haven’t seen much in the way of compelling arguments why it wasn’t.

      All that aside, could anyone name any PC FPS games that featured objective-based missions, zoomable snipe sights and headshots before Goldeneye?

      (Incidentally, I prefer PC gaming but console or not, Goldeneye was a landmark game and a damn good one.)

  4. Big O

    The Wii version is pretty fun (online) - was worried that finding a game would become hard because of reloaded. Its not looking that way from the reviews!

  5. Sir Runcible Spoon


    I still have the original on a US N64, and it's the music that's really lacking.

    There's just no atmosphere in this game, and to have Bond played by that bricky Craig whatsisname is just adding insult to injury.

    It's effin hard to pick out enemies at a distance, but they have no problem seeing you of course, even when you're tucked in behind a bloody great rock.

    Stealth is there, but once compromised it becomes a duck-shoot. Where do they get all those henchmen from?

    I'm playing it on pussy level at the moment, $deity knows what it will be like on 00.

    I bought it on impulse due to nostalgia - but if that's your thing you might want to give it a miss.

  6. Alex Walsh

    How much?

    RRP of £40?


  7. ThaMossop

    Golden Eye Source

    There's a free source based remake out for the PC already. Just look up Golden Eye Source. Very popular too according to Wikipedia.

  8. br0die

    I was initially excited on seeing this. Goldeneye remains one of my fondest memories of childhood and was one of the first FPS's I ever played. I still play it now, on an emulator.

    It is a shame, then, that it will not come out on the PC (I always wanted this, so that I could react to threats at my real speed, as opposed to how the quick the joystick will let me). More disappointing is that the music has not been kept in and that the gadgets are gone. Cannot really comment on the voice actors, since the original didn't have speech (one of the few things people really disliked about it). I think they could have done this really well, if they had approached it a little differently. Honestly I do not mind that the story and levels are the same. I would have liked to simply play through the original game, but with modern graphics, sound, and on a PC. Sadly this will not happen, it would seem.

    Also, for that price, no way.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is it worth getting if I have the Wii version from last year? Looks similar but HD'd.

    Got it for the nostalgia (I have an N64 with Goldeneye hooked up to the LG Monitor/TV in the computer room), played with the golden controller (as the wii controller is too awkward for FPSs).

    Must admit I got bored halfway through on the snow level.

    The opening level was a blast from the past, and the nightclub level was quite funky.

  10. 1Rafayal

    Breakthrough Console FPS?

    I was watching a video for the upcoming Halo Anniversary edition recently on the tube of you. On it, one of the people responsible for the HD makeover claimed that Halo was the break through FPS title for consoles.

    personally, I disagree - the original GoldenEye was the breakthrough title.

    It is a shame that people have forgotten this, I mean in a day and age where we are told that Ocarina of Time is still the best video game ever made, why should the proper homage not be shown to console heroes like GoldenEye?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any idea who the developers are? If it's Doak and Ellis then I'll buy a copy on principle.

    1. Piro Silver badge

      Not even close

      They buggered off to create Free Radical Design some time ago.

      Checked on Doak's wikipedia page, and it says he's now running a company making games for Facebook. How the mighty have fallen.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    " Reloaded may just carve a niche for itself with players tired of the contemporary multiplayer formula."

    That would be me then.

  13. KroSha

    That disappointing

    and it still rated 70%?

    1. Bailey

      Score looks as dodgy as Christopher Lee's third nipple...

      Reads far more like a 60% to me.

      I reckon someone at Vulture Central's done an Odd Job on the edit...

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