back to article Panasonic outs world's smallest 3D camera

Panasonic today launched what it claims is the world's smallest 3D snapper with video capabilities. It also outed its latest micro four thirds camera, kitted-out with impressive specs. The 3D-oriented DMC-3D1 sports a 12Mp resolution and rocks up with two 25mm wide angle lenses featuring 4x optical zoom. Panasonic DMC-3D1 …


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  1. David Gosnell

    3D laws of physics fail, as always

    Yet again, the 3D point is missed. Regardless of whether there is a point in it at all, if they're going to have 3D, at least put the lenses the same distance apart as average human eyes. Anything else is going to result in either a very weak or artificially-forced effect. Time, and time again...

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