back to article Goodyear introduces new concept of 'Blimpworthiness'

US tyre company and former airship builder Goodyear has come up with a new word as part of a marketing ploy. The firm, introducing online polls to determine which sporting events its iconic airships should attend, has framed the question: is a given event "blimpworthy"? Still actually a blimp. But not for long. US sports …


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  1. Adam Cherrett

    Or, alternatively,

    The term 'aerostat' avoids all these problems, meaning simply a lighter-than-air craft. The concept of 'blimpworthiness' can then be replaced by asking whether or not a particular event has reached aerostatistical significance.

    1. Steve the Cynic


      Unfortunately, aerostat is a wider word than blimp, or airship. A hot air balloon is an aerostat, but it is not a *dirigible*. No matter what the level of rigidity, all airships are dirigibles, almost by definition, while hot air balloons are not.

      So my vote is for going back to basics and calling them dirigibles, like they often did in my youth.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe 'dirigibility'

    If ever there was a noun asking to be dressed up as an adjective, it's the dirigible.

  3. LarsG


    significance of Colonel Blimp a British cartoon character of the 1930-40's described by the creator as a 'symbol of stupidity'.

    Therefore Blimpworthyness=symbol of stupidity.

  4. Crazy Operations Guy

    Now I can't stop thinking about Seinfeld

    These events may be blimp-worthy but are they sponge-worthy?

  5. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    Or blimply, or indeed zeppelene.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At least they're not calling them iBlimps...yet.

  7. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    How many condoms can you make from a blimp

    365 if it's a good year

  8. hugo tyson


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