back to article Fujitsu readies 23 petaflops Sparc FX10 super beast

Ahead of the SC11 supercomputing conference in Seattle next week, Japanese IT conglomerate Fujitsu says it's not only going to commercialize the K supercomputer that just busted through the 10 petaflops barrier, but that early next year it will double-stuff the design with a new Sparc64 chip, and sell it to entities other than …


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  1. bazza Silver badge

    Read the article now

    And I still want one.

    That's an awful lot of double precision performance.

  2. bazza Silver badge

    I wants one

    And I wants it really really badly. And I've not even read the whole article yet.

  3. bazza Silver badge


    Either The Reg swapped my posting order round, or my broadband got routed via a CERN neutrino SuperC datalink...

  4. Kebabbert


    will the SPARC Venus be killed off, as some IBMers said? Will SPARC die now, as they said?

  5. Allison Park

    I still think they are right

    SPARC wont die...just SPARC64

    I don't think anyone see's Larry not being Larry. Why would he change now.

    1. Kebabbert

      @Allison Park

      I am asking whether SPARC Venus will be killed, just as IBMers said. And now it seems that you say that SPARC Venus will not be killed off, only SPARC64 will be killed? But SPARC Venus is SPARC64, yes? So, what do you mean?

      Regarding if SPARC is going to be killed or not, you have maybe seen Oracle's roadmap and in it says that SPARC servers will continue to be released.

      Regarding if POWER is going to be killed or not, IBM is probably planning for that kill because IBM earlier said that AIX will be killed. AIX runs on POWER, and when AIX is killed, what will run on POWER then? Intel is catching up fast on POWER, and future POWER cpus will be slower and much more expensive than x86 - which is when IBM will kill POWER and AIX. You better start to learn Linux.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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