back to article DNS cache poisonings foist malware attacks on Brazilians

An attack on several Brazilian ISPs has exposed large numbers of their subscribers to malware attacks when they attempt to visit Hotmail, Gmail, and other trusted websites, security researchers have warned. The attacks work by poisoning the domain name system cache that the service providers use to translate domain names such …


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  1. Rombizio

    Which ISPs were involved?

    Can someone name them?

  2. Old Handle

    Several Brazilian ISPs!?

    Oh my god... How many is a brazilian again?

  3. Microphage

    The Incompetence of the various ISPs

    How long has this DNS cache poisoning been known about and a defence been available? These attacks have been known about since at least July 2008. That it is still open to exploit merely demonstrates the incompetence of the various ISPs .. I thank you ... :)

    See below, I'd like to link to the original but Google won't let me .. and it keeps trying to link it to my email account and share it to my +You account and all I want to do is insert a URL. This is the name of the file 'dns-cosign.pdf`, you'll have to go and google on it, except if I hover over the status bar, it reveals the full URL .. what a fucking rigmarole ...

    A History of (DNS) Violence

  4. Tom 13

    Now this is something I am more concerned about

    than another SSL cert manager having a potential compromise. Of course, I've been counter-trained by sites like which never had a working SSL cert when I was using it in the first place.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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