back to article Adidas pulls down sites hit in 'sophisticated' hack

Adidas has taken some of its websites offline as a precaution following the discovery of a "sophisticated, criminal cyber-attack". The sportswear manufacturer said it decided to take potentially affected websites offline, as a precaution, following the discovery last Thursday of a hack attack. It reassured customers that it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It might be due to the fact

    that their website was selling All Blacks Jerseys during the Rugby World Cup to NZ customers at a 40% markup compared to international customers. When this was pointed out to Adidas NZ, they stopped the website shipping to NZ at all instead of correcting the local price.

    Whoever you are, good on yer, mate!

  2. Chris Miller

    Well done

    This is a far more convincing response than the "la, la, la, we're not listening" we've seen from other victims. And anyone who thinks their websites aren't vulnerable to a "sophisticated, criminal cyber-attack", is in need of an introduction to the cluestick.

  3. Gunslinger201

    APC as well? is also down after Trend Micro's Web Reputation was blocking it as malicious earlier this morning. Coincidence?

  4. as2003

    It would be good to know the technical details of the attack. Would allow others to better protect themselves.

  5. Dark Hippo
    Paris Hilton

    Sophisticated hack?

    So, something like an SQL injection attack which exposed a persistant XSS flaw?

    Lets face it, it ain't gonna be that sophisticated, if it was, it would've hit something worth while.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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