back to article Google TV 2.0 is all bling and no kerching

It is easy to be rude about Google TV, but at the back of the mind is the feeling that one day, after successful tinkering, Google may get it right. Yet after initial hype and excitement around the launch, Google has struggled to recover from the dead weight of unfulfilled expectations that followed, and it will take something …


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  1. John Lewis 4
    Big Brother

    Google TV

    Google TV - The TV that watches YOU!

    1. Nights_are_Long

      If your employed by google you get the Luxury of being able to turn it off.

  2. Mage Silver badge



    Broadcast is instant, but linear.

    YouTube and other OTT content at decent quality depends on Cable or FTTC or FTTH. It can't be delivered easily on older Broadband systems. Also very little "connected" viewing causes contention on non-NGB / NGH systems and uses up all the viewer's data allowance (Cap).

    So... Maybe add a HDD or other storage to buffer the popular likely to be watched content and download it in the background to give viewers instant stutter free VOD. Except Broadcast with hidden PVR partition can do that 10,000x cheaper.

    Also Google has to compete with HbbTv, MHEG5 and youview from the Broadcasters delivering non-broadcast (and hidden broadcast) streams via Internet.

    But for widespread acceptance you need Fast Broadband with no cap (or a cap over 200GByte a month) and minimum speed of 20Mbps+ at peak times (not an "up to" speed) so users can use internet at same time or even use OTT internet content in more than one room.

    A student or single person can use a Laptop/netbook/tablet anyway, Families are the more likely users of TVs with OTT content and they often have more than one TV and/or may be using internet at the same time.

    Our BluRay Home theatre adds internet to our TV and we have a PC Media centre on it too. But Internet browsing or YouTube "clip" viewing is mostly a personal activity, not something done on the shared living room TV.

    How long before the local Internet can compete with BluRay for instant viewing at same quality vs simply a download to watch later or after enough has "Buffered"?

    They need to test Google TV in the Real World, with real people not in the Fibre fed Googleplex by single Geeks.

    1. JC 2

      @ Delivery

      If you have a cap, the LAST thing you'd want is your device downloading things that are "popular" just in case you might (or might not) someday watch them.

      Adding HDD? Absolutely not. It'd double the hardware costs once the development costs are recouped. Key to rapid adoption is keeping the cost increase slight over a traditional TV as people are not going to abandon their regular subscription TV service until the content is there.

  3. sueme2


    Yesterday I was blown away by my youtube D/L at 1.7+ MBs. So I checked my line speed. 18Mb down and 1+ up. And its all mine. Seriously, it (TV) will work where I am. I can see the vision, google ad[insert name here], apple[insert lockin here] Cant wait. gimme gimme.

    The toxic TV twins will just have to fight over this.. The rationale is :: If it sucks, then let it be. If it is a seriously good competitor:- sue the buggers and all their children and nuke the planet, because all ur TVz r belong to me.

    Booze, because that is what you need if you are going to watch this match.

  4. Mike Flugennock

    "supposedly original content from media outlets"

    "Indeed part of the re-launch dubbed Google TV 2.0 is a plan, as yet undated, to launch around 100 new video channels on YouTube designed more for the big screen. These will be fed with supposedly original content from media outlets, and celebrities such as Madonna and Jay-Z." other words, the same old crap being shoveled to us over the regular TV.

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