back to article Nokia CEO talks up Windows 8 tablet 'opportunity'

Is Nokia reconsidering the release of a tablet? Comments from CEO Stephen Elop suggest the Finnish phone giant might well be. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,” Elop told BusinessWeek. “We see the opportunity. Unquestionably, that will change the dynamics” of the tablet market. The opportunity? Windows 8, apparently …


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  1. Miek

    "When it comes to tablets, Windows 8 is a “supercharged” version of Windows Phone, Elop enthused."

    Perhaps he meant "updated" instead of "supercharged" ? It is a major version update after all.

    1. hplasm Silver badge


      More expensive than...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Windows tablets

    "The reasons for avoiding Android as a phone OS - it's now too hard to differentiate products - apply equally to the tablet arena."

    And how Nokia will differentiate from the other Windows 8 tablets? Sticking only the label "Nokia" perhaps?

  3. Code Monkey

    Oh Microsoft

    You were doing quite well. Windows 7 is pretty usable, after all. Now this one's going to suck isn't it?

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Oh Microsoft

      MS only Windows 8 advantage: Mac OS X Lion is worse.

      1. ThomH

        OS X Lion isn't so bad

        You know, unless you actually like knowing where you are in a document. Though people can finally stop complaining that there's no 'maximise' button, especially as Apple ramp up the 13" laptop production.

  4. HMB


    Well Damn! I'm going to supercharge my software by increasing the size of the codebase by 50x!!


  5. DrXym Silver badge

    Predictable really

    Microsoft moneyhatted them and Nokia undoubtedly demanded a place at the high table when a Windows for tablets appeared.

  6. Atonnis


    'Windows 8 is a “supercharged” version of Windows Phone'

    Erm...I was kinda hoping Windows 8 was a new version of the proper Windows product, not Windows Phone.

  7. Gordon 10 Silver badge


    Gotta hand it to M$. Elop is the worlds highest paid shill.

    The beauty is that they dont even have to pay him - Nokia are stupid enough to do that themselves.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Santa,

    Please can I have for Christmas a half decent x86 tablet?

    One that has something better than the shitty Intel graphics and is thinner than a Tom Clancy novel?

    One that was not a finalist in the world's ugliest device competition?

    Perhaps a nice ION 2 based 10.1" platform that is reasonably thin, reasonably light, has a nice screen and does not cost £1,000.



    PS: I have been an very good boy.

    1. Andy 70

      samsung series 7 should sort you out.

      i5 cpu, 4Gb ram, 64/128Gb ssd, win7hp/u, intel 4500 GFX. hey can't have everything, but should game reasonably for a tablet.

      thinking of dropping my laptop down the stairs for one ;)

      troll for house insurance....

  9. Chris 171


    Obvious to me from the get go of the whole Elop adventure.

    Purposefully expensive, 'a la apple', Nokian hardware running SW compatible with the most used PC architecture on the planet, Sling in XBOX compatibility and this will sell by the Jub load.

    Complete & utter no brainer.

    MS hardware so far has been an embarrassment to tech. Only problem will be getting the Nokia designed/made ones to break, apple are still king there.

    1. dogged

      MS Hardware

      their keyboards are excellent.

      And say what you like about the Zune (you will anyway), it always sounded 20 times better than the iPod which was made more as a fashion accessory than an audio product.

      So which hardware did you have in mind?

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