back to article EU: Check out our huge JavaScript appendage

The EU's effort to extend JavaScript has hit version 1, and is asking for community comments on the effort to create (another) set of extensions to take JavaScript into the mainstream. Webinos is backed by the EU to the tune of €10m, and the work is largely being done by Fraunhofer Fokus. The idea is to create standard …


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  1. Daedalus

    Might as well extend smallpox

    Javascript, with its ability to write new scripts and execute them, indulge in obfuscation and anonymous code, has to be the most dangerous language ever invented. Far from being made more available, it should be banned from use by websites.

  2. BlueGreen

    *really* like bbc basic?

    @author: seems like a pretty dumb comparison, especially if one has actually *done* any bbc programming.

    @Daedalus: js' eval is not pretty but otoh I've used it to fudge loadable libraries although I'd prefer it removed for optimisation reasons. However that's perhaps not intrinsically a problem, so much as js not having fine-grained security.

    On yer other comment, any language can be obfuscated, and I don't know what you mean by anonymous code, can you explain?

    There are worse languages IMO.

    1. captain veg Silver badge

      Nothing like BBC BASIC

      It had a built-in assembler, for one thing.


  3. Unlimited

    The two big issues on a project like this are

    1) Javascript

    2) Javascript

    1. Mike007

      The language doesn't really matter, only what it has access to - anything that can be written in one language can also be written in another language - hell most languages have implementation of interpreters for other languages!

      Have a look at which can run x86 binaries in javascript. The APIs and what can actually be done by the code are the main security issue, for example that x86 emulator doesn't have access to your local disk because the javascript interpreter in most browsers doesn't provide APIs for it.

      The advantage of using javascript for it is that most platforms have a web browser so if something is written using HTML5/javascript then in theory it works everywhere by default, you can then check for what additional functionality the browser provides for enabling additional features such as saving files locally etc.

      Regarding performance, normally javascript performance is perfectly acceptable on modern browsers/devices, the only slow part is doing DOM updates to update the GUI, but any devices where they expect apps to be written in javascript will provide high performance drawing interfaces (HTML5 canvas for example) for any heavy GUI work, so most of the graphics processing will be handled by hardware with the same performance as a native app.

      1. Unlimited

        The language does matter when it's a prototype based, classless, dynamically typed abomination.

        1. Arthur Dent


          "The language does matter when it's a prototype based, classless, dynamically typed abomination."

          At least if it's that it's probably 100% safer than C++.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    but at the moment other devices (such as Smart TVs and the like) are still using proprietary extensions

    -HBBTV did well then

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