back to article Groupon snatches a great deal ... on itself

Groupon's IPO has gone better than expected, with shares selling $2 above the expected top price, valuing the company at almost $13bn. We feared all the pizzazz had gone out of the daily deal site's public outing, after various delays spurred by a rocky market, irregular accounting metrics and an out-of-turn rant by CEO Andrew …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    "the IPO quiet period when bosses aren't supposed to talk about how well or unwell their firm is"

    Never understood this kind of stupid.

    It doesn't stop people from squirting their money into a deep well. At all.

  2. Kristian Walsh

    Aren't they technically insolvent?

    In Groupon's case, the quiet period is probably good for them.

    Last I read, the owners have already filched so much cash out of the company that they'd left it technically insolvent: relying on future, unguaranteed, sales to balance their current liabilities. If they missed a sales target, they'd be toast.

    Of course, now that the markets have given them a few hundred million dollars of cash, this problem kind of goes away, doesn't it... Oh, did I say "goes away"? I meant "transfers to the shareholders" - it's a usual, and quite legal, accounting measure...

    1. Bernard

      My gut feeling on this one

      Is that Groupon and their executives are so obviously a farce that the shareholders deserve what comes. If they gauged the risks and decided the rewards were sufficient to balance it, then good luck to them. If they didn't do any due diligence before investing then they can't reasonably claim to have been hoodwinked later.

      Obviously illegal activity remains illegal activity, and the execs should go away if they perpetrate any, but in the likely event that Groupon's behaviour falls into the 'sharp but legal' category, the shareholders will rightly bear the consequences.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Blowing Bubbles

  4. LarsG


    The idiots will have bought shares at the top end of the share price.......then..........!


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The question remains, as always, who is going to make the real money by milking the punters? I guess the investment bankers have found yet another convoy of vehicles to use to scam investors.

  5. Metz

    PT Barnum was right... once again...

    "There's one born every minute"

    The easiest seperation of fool and money since WorldCom. Anyone investing in this deserves everything they get. Oh... and Heinlein was right too.... TANSTAAFL.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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