back to article Amazon rethinks Kindle Fire 2 screen size

Amazon has yet to release the Kindle Fire, its 7in Android-based tablet e-book reader, but it's already being claimed that the firm has chnaged its mind about the Fire 2. Originally said to be a 10.1in job, the next Amazon tablet will actually have an 8.9in screen. So say moles from within "Amazon's supply chain" - LG and/or …


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  1. tanj666

    Peronally ...

    I think the 7 inch size is about right, any bigger and I'd need a bag to carry one. I can carry my 7 inch tablet in my pocket including a case.

    Smaller makes it more of an old fashioned PDA or phone sized device and you'd lose all the benefits of any screen size for readability.

  2. Northern Fop

    7" - Kindle Fire

    8.9" - Kindle Bonfire

    10.1" - Kindle Raging Bonfire

    14" - Kindle Global Thermonuclear War (or maybe the Kindle WOPR)


    5" - Kindle Candle

    1. Fuzz

      Thumbs up for the war games reference

    2. Levente Szileszky
      Thumb Up

      WOPR, ahh...

      ...nice one. :)

  3. GrahamT

    Literary Kindles

    I feel a Shakespearean theme coming on:

    7" Kindle Much Ado About Nothing

    8.9" (or iPad size) Kindle Measure for Measure

    10.1" Kindle As You Like It.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A4 now!!

    Get with it ye bloody slackers.

    1. Synonymous Howard

      But paperbacks are closer to A5.

  5. Rebajas

    With so many 10inch tablets already available, I can see why they might be backtracking.

    I run the Kindle app on my 7inch Tab and can't fault it. Probably the reason why ebook readers are generally a similar size?

  6. Chris Gray 1
    Paris Hilton

    Right size

    7 inches is about right isn't it? :-) Perhaps Paris likes them bigger, though.

    Seriously though, the bigger devices are heavy and awkward to hold for long spells of reading. I've done lots of reading with my 7" e-Ink Kindle, and it works quite well for that. I picked up my 7" Kobo Vox LCD reader/Android-tablet a couple of days ago, and it is noticeably heavier, but still quite holdable. I've been playing around with it quite a bit (my first Android device), so haven't tried it for any serious reading yet, other than the manual.

    1. En_croute

      You read the manual?

      Call yourself an IT expert - pah!

      1. Chris Gray 1

        I'm better now

        At the time, the only other books I had on it were the free ones: a kids book and a recipe book. Had to use *something* to try it out. I've got a bunch of free books now - tried "The Lost World" this aft.

        Haven't figured out how to get stuff from the main Android app store yet - it keeps telling me that I need an Android phone registered with it. I'm sure others have managed to get Android apps onto tablets, but so far no luck for me - I'm stuck with the official Kobo app store.

  7. Bronek Kozicki

    9" or 10" ...

    doesn't matter as long as the whole package is light and slim. Just make one without backlight, e.g. Qualcomm's Mirasol !

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