back to article Google gets fresh with search algorithm tweak

Google has tweaked its search algorithm to give more up-to-the-minute results for searches, improving the likelihood of more recent news and reviews. The changes are an extension of last year’s integration of Google’s Caffeine technology, which has been designed to bring more recent results for specific types of searches. The …


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  1. Mel Padden

    Well OK

    But seriously they need to look at the recent deprecation of the "+" search operator as a priority. As El Reg pointed out, it has generated a lot of negative reaction. Check out the Google Forums entry on the topic.

    For power users, it's well annoying and it's the first time I've even considered switching to Bing as a viable alternative to Google Search.

  2. Toastan Buttar
    Thumb Up


    Bing is nearly at a third of all searches? That's pretty damned impressive.

  3. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Ahhh Bing. My favorite search engine for going directly to Expedia, Skype and Great Plains search results no matter what I actually type in to search for.

    IE defaults to Bing and MSN on all new installs. Burying Google in deep in their list of alternate search providers and making it hard to change from the defaults is the only reason for their gain.

    Bing...? Blah...

  4. Hatless Pemberty

    Did you mean Glengarry Glen Google?

    Ok. So I understand they need to keep fiddling with the algorithm (mostly to keep the ad pushing business going) but these days Google seems to return whatever the hell it wants.

    So, please, pretty please with a fecking cherry on top; could you search for what I asked? If I want news I'll search for news myself. Thank you.

  5. mhenriday

    Bing «close to providing a third of all internet searches,

    either directly or via such as Yahoo.» Wow - nothing here as to in just which market Bing is said to be enjoying this signal success, nor any link to a source which could substantiate the claim ! According to StatCounter (, Google's share of searches worldwide seems to have remained unchanged at over 90 % these last three years, If, as seems to be the case, «Iain Thomson in San Francisco», means by «all internet searches» means only those which originate in the United States, ignoring the inconvenient fact that a majority of such searches originate outside that country, then he might be interested to learn that - again according to StatCounter ( - Google's market share remains just under 80 %, while Bing and Yahoo each have about 10 %. 10 % plus 10 % is not, in my opinion, anything like «close to ... a third»....


This topic is closed for new posts.

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