back to article LightSquared CEO wants industry's 'dumbest' wireless pipe

The CEO of LightSquared has said telecommunications firms are making a mistake in trying to build intelligence into their networks, and should instead go dumb. According to Sanjiv Ahuja, who is heading the company’s push to set up a new LTE mobile network in the US, there is no point in trying to build intelligence into the …


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  1. SirWired 1

    He better check his analogy

    GE, which was a collection of Edison's businesses, most certainly DID make toasters. Wikipedia says that the GE D-12 Electric Toaster was the "first commercially successful toaster."

    1. Pisnaz

      He may first want to check that Edison did not in fact invent electricity. Hell Edison did not even support the AC transmission form that Tesla advocated, and we now use. I so hate the yank belief that Edison is the god of electricity and all that derived from it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        but he did start up the first "utility"

        CON ED. was the first company to generate electricity for sale. First to New York City, but, soon after to richer residents who needed some juice for their new fangled light bulbs (Invented first by Swan in England).

        1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

          He was the first "utility" to engage in predatory pricing too

          He also priced per time of day and per customer in a manner which was specially designed to eliminate competition from industrial on-site generation. He was very good at it too. In a few years local factory generators which were the norm before he started became history.

  2. NoneSuch Silver badge

    The None Such Law

    Users will always cram garbage down their connection to fill any amount of bandwidth you give them.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No they won't.

      Not if telcos get their pricing right.

      If telcos offer unlimited service, they shouldn't be surprised if they are taken for fools.

      If the cap fits...

  3. Tom Reg

    Actually bandwidth required is already dropping

    As soon as the kids hit Uni, with 80 Mbit connection to his room, they no longer have to download anything. Just get what you want when you want it.

    In other words, at 80Mbit, a TB hard drive fills fast.

    After about 24 Mbit, (3 HD channels at once), what more do you need? Everything is on demand.

    The big worry with internet providers is that 500GB a month only costs about $10 to deliver, so how can they charge 5 to 10 times that? The answer is the 'smart' network.

    Good luck goes out to the LIghtSquared types out there.

  4. Paul Crawford Silver badge


    “This is a problem for US engineers, not politicians, to solve and we will get it done.”

    Did they not lobby for change-of-use for that band, knowing full well the issues of GPS power levels relative to any neighbouring systems?

    In other words, ignoring engineering and hoping politics will force others to change to suit them making money.

  5. Matt Bucknall

    Electricity was not invented, it was discovered. In any case, Edison's system sucked.

  6. JeffyPooh

    It'll be dumb alright...

    When they figure out that Lightsquared gadgets aren't compatible with GPS.

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