back to article AMD pins exascale vision on Fusion APUs

Because Advanced Micro Devices has not yet announced its 16-core "Interlagos" Opteron 6200 processors, it has to talk about something, and in situations like that, it is best to talk about the far-off future. And so AMD rounded up a bunch of its partners on Wednesday in San Francisco for a shindig to talk about the challenges of …


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  1. Camilla Smythe

    And yes, it can play Crysis.

    PlayMobil or it can't.

    1. gorand2

      10 TFlops per 150W is pure fantasy imho

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: 150w

    I may be getting on a bit, but i was under the impression that dealing with a TDP of >100w with air cooling is a risky business, as seen by the p4 fiasco.

    of course, thats only at the consumer/enthusiast level, im not sure how this would translate to servers. I wait to be corrected.

  3. Morg

    err .. u sho ?

    1. A year ago we had 1Tflop for about 150W. Moore's Law says you'll have those 10 Tflops in time. (anyway, just look at the nVidia road map and it'll all seem clearer ;) ).

    2. Current "Best" CPU's are over 150W : Interlagos, Xeon 10-core, Itanium, Power, etc. Some are indeed cooled with air

    3. A stock GTX580 is around 300W, 6990 400W and it can take more than 500W on its cooler (noisy tho) ... why would a "don'tcareaboutthenoise" box have an issue with air cooling ?

    4. Good . if it plays Crysis, I'll buy that then.

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