back to article HTC Sensation XL hip-hops onto UK shelves

HTC's supersize Sensation has landed in Three stores across the UK today. The HTC Sensation XL can be picked up from £34 per month, although to get it with Three's data-weighted The One Plan, and customers will have to fork out £40 every month. Alternatively, it can be purchased on pay-as-you-go for £450. HTC Sensation XL …


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  1. as2003

    How about some specs?

    The main differences between the XL, XE and Original (O) are as follows:

    Form Factor

    XL: taller, wider & thinner.

    Screen size

    XL: 4.7"

    XE & O: 4.3"


    XL: 480x800

    XE & O: 540x960


    XL: 16GB onboard - no microSD

    XE: 4GB onboard & microSD

    O: 1GB & microSD


    XL: Single core 1.5GHz

    XE: Dual core 1.5GHz

    O: Dual Core 1.2GHz

  2. Leon

    So the XE and O have better rez. Also the O is the same processor just underclocked to 1.2Ghz.

    A simple custom rom (which will invalidate the warrenty (see XDA developers)) will turn a O into a XE.

    So in short, the O/XE is the same as XL, except it has a smaller screen, but, this is the kicker, much better rez so there is more readable text that fits on the screen.

    The reason WHY the O is underclocked is when the chip runs at 1.5Ghz it has a worse battery life. So having the ablity to flash a standard ROM on the O gives it the advantage the others do not have (longer batt.) of course if battery is an issue you would of flashed Cynogen mod already...

    1. as2003

      The XE has more onboard storage, but yeah, doesn't seem to be any reason why you'd want to go for the XL over the XE or O.

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