back to article 'Ghost hunter' set to become Tory Euro-MP

An expert on the paranormal, who bills himself online as "the GhostHunter", is set to become one of Britain's members of the European Parliament, according to reports. The Financial Times says that Rupert Matthews is "poised" to become the next Conservative MEP for the east Midlands. Matthews has apparently had over 200 books …


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  1. Neil McDowell


    Surely finding the yeti would boost the economy!

  2. J.G.Harston Silver badge

    ""The"" next conservative MEP for the East Midlands? What, down from the two they have at the moment?

  3. TRT Silver badge

    I suppose...

    "Mysterious Brussels" might be mistaken for a programme about sprouts.

    Icon: The usual Boxing Day methane danger.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Belief in the imaginary

    Should hold him in good stead when trying to explain what the tories claim as "policy".

  5. Peter Storm

    "investigator of the unexplained"

    You spelt "exploiter of gullible idiots " wrong.

  6. Richard Wharram

    Oh, for fu...

    Now is the time to retreat to the "margins of Europe", as Nick Clegg's been calling it, so that our European cousins don't get to laugh at our ludicrous representatives :(

  7. cocknee

    Change Train via Brussels

    From the Ghost Train to the Gravy Train.

    Though there should be lots of skeletons in the cupboards there!

  8. Red Bren

    Self-fulfilling prophecy or self-debunking pitfall

    Did he consult his ethereal friends before deciding to stand for election? He wouldn't throw his hat in the ring if he knew he was going to lose. So there's no point contesting the seat and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    But if he does lose, that debunks his paranormal claims.

  9. theblackhand
    Thumb Up

    I, for one, welcome...

    ...a return to politicians being nut jobs.

    It's a big improvement over the current crop of bland, PR-types that survive on family money. At least a ghost hunter has experience in swindling the general public...

  10. Tubs

    Obviously a complete knob.

    He'll fit in perfectly well with the other political candidates.

  11. George Nacht

    Just thinking aloud

    Paranormal researcher (let´s pretend that is actually a thing) might indeed be qualified for navigating a "Brussels labyrinthine bureaucracy".

    Off the top of my head, Czech Republic and Italy had at a time a pop singer and (female) stripper in their national parlaments, respectively. I´d very much like to hear the explaining of their qualification. On the other hand, maybe not...

    1. Christoph

      the explaining of their qualification

      The same qualification that an actor had for being president of the US?

  12. The BigYin

    Oh great

    Another MEP with zero understanding of science or basing decisions on hard evidence.

    They'll fit right in.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Things we won't hear ...

    “British MEPs should be focused on arguing for measures that will promote jobs and growth, not believing in life after death.”

    One person's delusion belief in the supernatural is .... another persons delusional belief in the supernatural.

  14. Mike Richards Silver badge

    With the likes of Norman Lamont, Nigel Lawson, Norman Tebbitt and John Redwood all recently starring in the ghastly afterlife of Newsnight interviews there does seem to be good reason to think the dark forces of the supernatural are a perfect match for the Conservative Party.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Who'll notice one more whackjob in Brussels?

  16. Wayland Sothcott 1 Bronze badge

    Plenty to be explained

    There are plenty of things about the world which are not yet backed by hard evidence. In fact most science starts as a hunch or an imaginative idea about an unexplained phenomenon. Static electricity is pretty weird. Rubbing pieces of amber with cats fur sounds like occult magic. The effect is subtle, it can pick up bits of tissue paper but it can't lift a man.

    You could go through your entire life ignoring static electricity and be none the worse. Your ignorance of the phenomena would not negate the truth that it exists.

    If you limit yourself to what others thoroughly understand then you will never discover anything new. If you are sensitive to subtle new ideas which don't yet have a solid foundation then you might learn something new.

    Icon; to be discussed over a pint.

    1. Dodgy Pilot

      Wayland... I warned you not to eat that cheese you found at the back of the fridge....

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