back to article LSI snaps up flash controller company

Flash industry consolidation took another step forward, with semiconductor company LSI buying flash controller startup SandForce to strengthen its server and storage array flash offerings for ultrabooks, notebooks, servers and storage arrays. The price is $322m cash plus taking on $48m of stock options and restricted shares …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whatever the case

    This doesn't look good to OCZ does it? Any word on when the non-cancellable purchasing agreement ends? AFAIK Indilinx sucks, and no progress has been made public on any new chip since the acquisition.

    A SandForce acquisition was always going to be the downfall of OCZ. With this scenario I hope OCZ can step up it's own controller development. Otherwise that's the end of SandForce powered speedy consumer SSDs.

  2. pdu
    Thumb Down

    Such a shame sandforce has been bought by a crap-peddler too, I can't stand cheap LSI raid adapters. If customers didn't keep buying half quality cheap shit (for their servers no less) then we'd still have 3ware and Sandforce producing quality. Give it a short amount of time and these controllers will be expensive but average.

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