back to article Server, disc glitches mar Battlefield 3 launch

Battlefield 3 shot onto shelves today and multiplayer functionality was immediately slaughtered by an army of problems. The keenly anticipated EA title was picked up by eager fans last night, who returned home to find the EA Online servers down. Many complaints on the official Battlelog forums prompted developer Dice to Tweet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just imagine the problems if thousands of the people who pre-loaded the game hadn't got the game 4 days before the EU and UK release by making a simple change to their internet settings.

    One suspects EA deliberately made circumventing the relase date check trival to reduce the load on release day. If that is the case, then the game has still become a victim of its own success.

  2. CypherCookie


    This doesn't surprise me, There are still bugs in the game that where reported in the alpha testing! I just think EA are crap and ensuring their games are released with a decent bug fix! however this isn't stopping me from getting the game!

  3. Glyn 2


    With the codes and whatnot will you be able to buy this second hand or is it one of those extra credits "games are special so they should be able to do what they want" things?

    1. Wize

      You can buy the disk second hand

      But you'll have to pay them to go online.

      1. Glyn 2


        Well that's saved me the money on buying the game at all, I'm not taking part in encouraging this kind of money grabbing. The creators of everything else in the world, books, cars, whatever don't have any income from secondhand goods, but games are "special" and they claim the money is for future development, not just improving the company's profits for the owners.

        Terry Pratchett keeps second hand book shops going, yet you never hear him complain ;)

        It's the same lie as the train operators. 15 years of travelling on trains where each fare hike was "to help improve the network" yet nothing about train travel has improved in that time, except the operators profit margins.

  4. tangerine Sedge

    It wouldn't be Battlefield without problems.

    Yay EA!

    Stagger the release across the world to annoy your UK fans who have had to wait whilst others have played.

    Continue to use Punkbuster even though it's rubbish (still kicking valid players, whilst the leader boards are stuffed full of AA hackers)

    Use Origin to deliver the SW, when you could have just used Steam.

    CTD bugs, sound bugs, graphics bugs, game hanging.

    Glitches in the maps that were highlighted during Alpha AND Beta testing (Operation Metro rocks near B m-com I'm referring to you)

    Tiny infantry only maps instead of the huge Battlefields that we all love.

    Online activation and game credentials checking which go FUBAR on release.

    A laughable single player campaign.

    My only hope is that all the retards go and play COD once it's released and leave BF3 for the long term players.

    regards a BF veteran (BF1942, BF vietnam, BF2, BF2142, BF Heroes, BP4F, BFBC2 & BF3)

  5. Carlos TuTu III

    Shock horror. EA Servers aren't up to big release.

    Nobody ever saw that coming.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Woudn't have had this problem with Steam

    Oh, sorry I forgot it's not allowed to be available there.

  7. James O'Brien
    Thumb Down

    And my buddies scoffed me

    When I said I would get BF3 but only after the initial failings by EA which have become the norm lately. Granted yes its probably running fine for the majority of people but for some reason I seem to be one of those typically afftected by issues with EA games. Dont know why that is though.

  8. M 6


    If you had it pre-installed you could have been playing it since Monday afternoon without any server issues.....

  9. Greg J Preece

    I'll pass, thanks. All anyone can tell me about this game is that it's very pretty. Uh-huh....and?

    The previous two games were just not-as-good Starsiege: Tribes knock-offs. Nuts to BF3.

  10. Adrian Jooste

    I'll be very suprised if Activision's release goes any better than this. The last 2 COD's have been a joke with the last one being the worst of all for glitches, bugs and lag. Shame of these mega publishers for putting out sub-par product at a premium rate.

    1. Brandon 2

      hardly a good comparison

      Kind of apples and oranges there. The last time I checked, Activision weren't developing their engine from the ground up. I expect the MW3 launch to go more smoothly than BF3's, but it's not nearly as complex of a game, and the changes are not nearly as drastic.

      That said, BF3 has had nary a problem for me. A couple servers have lagged a bit, but it was all taken care of in the first 24 hours, and i proxy-unlocked mine (thank you korean time zone). In other news, the sun will rise again tomorrow... oh and EA made $600,000,000 since Tuesday... <shrug>

  11. Lab Monkey

    Thought about renting it

    I though about renting it to see if the online was as good as is being claimed before splashing out. Then i found out that if I wanted to play online with a rented copy I would have to cough up 800 microsoft points (roughly a fiver if I remember correctly) for an online pass. Bugger that!

    1. Citizen Kaned


      BF isnt made for consoles. get it on pc where there are 40 more players.

      anyway, i had issues on thursday night where activation took hours. bt then i got in via a korean proxy.

      a few bugs like CTD and squad system being terrible but hopefully it will be fixed.

      to the guys above: bad company 1 & 2 arent proper battlefield games, they are cut down console ports.

      i still think they are going the wrong way - 4 man squads are rubbish and comms are poor too. but the main problems are the scummy snipers and lonewolves, who ruin the game. if you dont want to play teamwork fuck off back to COD.

  12. mattbt
    Thumb Up

    I have to admit i was rather frustrated last night sitting there from midnight to 1 am while origin informed me my internet was down :S or that there was a bad gateway but once it finally started working at about 1 the game ran pretty well for me and other than the odd minor glitches its been a very fun way to spend my day :)

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    problems seen in the Beta....

    Whole raft of problems were seen in the beta, and guess what, they're in the finished product. Glad not have bought this one, the beta was enough......

  14. alan buxey

    gamecity 6 , nottingham

    Anyone in the nottingham vicinity can go to gamecity6 and try out this game in a travelling EA game trailer/pod at the market square. I didn't as there are far more indie titles elsewhere that I personally prefer ... fez dez rez, for example , rocks my boat rather than another paint by numbers FPS

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