back to article RIM backdoor access for Indian probers

RIM has opened a monitoring centre in Mumbai to help the Indian government sip data from Blackberry users there, said the Wall Street Journal today, quoting unnamed sources. The Canadian firm opened the small facility earlier this year to deal with requests from Indian intelligence agencies, the paper reports. RIM will hand …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So much for 'secure'.

  2. NogginTheNog

    The sensible terrorists

    Will set up their own BES Express (which is controlled by themselves), and not use BIS (which is run by Blackberry).

    Come to think of it they probably already do.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cunning plan solution for India

    So basicly they will be able to snoop on all BIS blackberry users and anybody who operates via a BES server can carry on talking about bombs and other dangerous stuff like wearing load shoes in a built up area etc.

    Perish the thought that somebody rents a BES server located in a country other than India and flouts these rules. Long have the days were you even had to pay for the server side BES software, enabling you to set up your own server for the hardware and M$ OS and a internet connection. Though many a company in many a country offer you BES packages to be had for a palatable price per month.

    Me, if I worked in India's intellegence department would realy after this is announced just want a list of subscribers and the device IMEI numbers of users cancelling there contracts on BIS and then have said list of IMEI's (IMEI being the unique ID GSM users and pertains to the handset and the RIM network operates on PIN numbers, very much comparable for ease of explaining if you need that explained). Take that list and from the mobile operators in that country(including roaming SIM's ;) see who has suddenly started using BES due to data usage and from that have a list of people needing positivly vetting they aint nasty people, or at least whatever definition of people they deem worth attention.

    But there again I would of kept this whole operation a little bit more secret than it is now.

  4. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    One more double entendre in that subject and you'll have to label this article NSFW.

    Paris, because someone will have to explain it to her.

  5. Kevin7

    War Games

    Jim Sting: Mister Potato Head! Mister Potato Head! Back doors are not secrets!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    national security

    This doesn't surprise me. India has been fighting a lone battle against terrorism long enough to take this seriously.

    @"cunning plan for india", most government agencies across countries would have a pretty good idea on how to gather intelligence. what we may think about occaisionally when reading an article like this, these agencies need to think about constantly because it's their job.

    Sometimes the terrorists get lucky which we know about, sometimes they don't, sometimes they're disposed of quietly. Sometimes, they may even be allowed to get away for a myriad of reasons such as to fester public opinion, stoke anger, leave the little fish to catch the one....

    In the end, what really matters is that people get killed, families torn apart and all because some shit for brains cannot get along.

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