back to article Google won't face Oracle in court until next year

The Oracle v Google patent punch-up definitely won't be heard this year, according to a court filing. The Northern California court judge, William Alsup, has said that "the trial will not be in 2011", in a filing that also lays out the trial plan for the case. Oracle is suing for both copyright and patent infringement over …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge
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    There has been...

    ...a lot of judicial sanity breaking out lately. This judge seems to want to fight the FUD with an ordered approach. Breaking the trial up into bite-sized chunks is a great way for jurors to assimilate the technical info (Seeing as the lawyers will make sure all of the jurors will be regular folk and not boffins).

    Could software patents be overturned in a future ruling? One can only hope.

    1. DZ-Jay


      Jurors are supposed to be "regular folk and not boffins." Boffins are brought in to testify and explain the facts to the non-technical jurors.

      This is how the judicial system works in the USA:

      "Another factor in determining the impartiality of the jury is the nature of the panel, or venire, from which the jurors are selected. Venires must represent a fair cross-section of the community[...]"


  2. Dazed and Confused

    pity the jury

    if it works anything like it does here in the UK, those poor sods are going to getting damn near life in jail (well the court house anyway) for the pleasure of having been good citizens.

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    And me with all this popcorn ready to go!

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